Carroll's 55th Street


Both Banjo and Trister Surprise Us at the Jam

The big surprise this week was that both past Deadstein mates, Tommy Banjo and Andy Trister, would be jamming with us through out the night. Being we got set up early we decided to get going early and we got three songs in before the official 8 o'click starting time and before Andy got there. Andy joined us for the Scarlet and there on and it was like he never left. Dust off those rusty strings one more time, gonna make 'em shine. We didn't do a Stella Blue but we did make some strings shine.

The music was pretty good throughout the whole jam without any real clunkers. We expanded the Feel Like a Stranger with some extended jams in the beginning portions of the song. The Lazy Lightning was on and nice to have Andy playing Jerry n it. Alan left for the second set when we delivered into a slower paced Dark Star Wharf Rat and we livened it up to close that 29-minute segment with a hotAll Along the Watchtower. Lots of good stuff during this jam and a worthwhile listen.

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