Carroll's 55th Street


A Larry Birthday show Focuses on Eugene 6-23-90

Being the day before my birthday, this was a week where I was going to select what was to be played. Not that I don't typically do that for the most part, but this week was without guilt. It was also the first week we missed Lee during his self-appointed hiatus. My birthday being on June 23 and this jam being on June 22 meant a birthday show and jam anniversary didn't coincide, at least in this universe, by they do seem to coincide on my Outlook calendar?. I selected to play the second set of June 23, 1990, Autzen Stadium, Eugene Or, a show I was at. My only West Coast show. This was a great second set which opened itself to everyone else in the band after we completed it.

In addition to this birthday show of mine, I would select other songs that reflect upon the passing of time in my life. Touch of Grey to open was such a song and so was Stella Blue, Monkey and the Engineer and Ripple. WE also played a pretty good Music Never Stopped to close the first set after the Casey Jones, but I failed to hit the record button, damn me. The Throwing Stones was played for the sit-in the Democrats were deploying this night trying to get a vote on a bill that require terrorists to get a license before they can get a gun. That should stop em' We shake our bones and they throw stones.

Making America Grateful Again