Carroll's 55th Street


Flag Day Unfurls More Hot Deadstein

On this Flag Day 2016 we opened with a US Blues to play tribute to Old Glory. You know what they say, Let your freak flag fly," and we did with a followup of a Sugar Mag --> Scarlet --< Fire and closing this 31 minute jam with the Sunshine Daydream. Let it fly high! I thought it was one of our better Uncle Rivers and it was a nice feeling version of both those songs which traditionally have been challenging to Deadstein. First set Ship of Fools was pretty nice and the Sailor Saint Shakedown to close the first set was big. The Shakedown had some real nice sounding groove to it.

Alan left for the second set as we embarked up some JGB to make us all feel good. The Sugaree was sweet like the Sugar Mag filled with high corn syrup freaktose. The Rhapsody had it moments both good and bad, but if you look past the bad it was good. Steve helped us select songs for the closing of the night with the Althea. Don't Let Go and West LA provided some energy for the tail end of the night with a sleepy Brokedown to bid all all good night.

Making America Grateful Again