Carroll's 55th Street


I'm Walkin - Rags is Running for the Rose

All six of us were there for the first set which was big and quit enjoyable, especially during the jams. Yje 4-song, 47-minute Help --> Slipknot! --> Estimated Prophet --> Eyes of the World --> Let It Grow to End the first set was especially "huge." It was about this time that we found out the Trump won the Icnianda primary, clinching his GOP run for the presidency. Deadstein, playing "huge" and making American Grateful Again.

Alan left for the second set and we embarked on 3 songs Rich wanted to give a go at, Angie (Rolling Stones) , I'm Walkin' (Fats Domino / Ricky Nelson) and Nothing to Deliver (Dylan / Byrds) There were ok at parts but the I'm Walkin' had it's moments. The rest was mainly Garland, including a Run for the Roses in commemoration for this week's Kentucky Derby. While there were flubs here and there, they were counter-balanced by the power, excitement and grace of the music that was played well. That's why you have to got to every jam and play every note.