Carroll's 55th Street


Scott Is Out a Alan Returns

Scott was heading down to Jazziest in New Orleans and missed this week, but we did get Alan back for the first set after he had missed the last 3 weeks. We also are remembering the sudden passing of Prince this week as Jerry lifts him into the heavenly musical hall of fame to join all those great musicians we left us recently.

After heading full speed into this jam with a Shakedown Street we played an almost 50-minute medley based off of the Playing in the Band jam, which had some nice moments including the 7-minute jam before the Watchtower.The Sailor Saint was also pretty big with our Saint Jam evolving. Alan left for the second set and we were left with a quartet. In a WTF moment Keven and I decided to switch instruments for the second set, with me playing bass and Kevin playing my guitar. It was all too good , but there are these moments, such as Things We Said Today.

Make America Grateful Again.