Carroll's 55th Street


Ophelia to Open with Over-dubbed Larry filling in for Alan

Alan was still on the mend this week as an over0dubbing Larry played most of the Bobby parts in the studio while playing the Jerry parts over-dubbed at home. Exhausting, yes,lipstick on a pig, the coverage is impressive and extra keyboards to boot. In the end, with all the flaws, it is a really good sounding jam. Lots of great stuff and worthy of a listen or two.

With this being the 4-year anniversary of the passing of Levon Helm, we decided to have Scott open the night by singing the Ophelia. I said I would put horns on it, and I took my virtual myths and did my best. It's a fun effort at the very least. So goes for such of the rest of the night. I like the sound I was able to get on my guitar at home, with the songs from the Peggy-O on all recorded "in the box" as opposed to recording an actual amplifier. At times I feel as if I have a nice '77 sound with thriver and amp sounding a bit like the Boogie from that time. Highlights include a good Lazy Lightning, where that sounds come through, Music Never Stopped as well. The Easy Wind is really good also. I was even able to salvage the Let's Spend the Night Together.

Make America Grateful Again.