Carroll's 55th Street


Music Goes Cold Turkey As Unlimited Reaches Its Limits

This was a 5-man Monday night jam as we were attempting to play Cold Turkey as our unlimited begins to show its flaws. In any case, it was Monday, May 9 and May 9 always reminds me of the great Music Never Stopped from Buffalo '77. Kevin and I gave it a nice listen before the jam, and listening to the greatness of Jerry during it got us really psyched for the pending jam. This inspired us to play the Music to open, and it was pretty hot all around. Alan wasn't there, so I played Bob guitar for many of the Dead songs we played through the night and overdubbed the Jerry part. On Scarlet, I played Jerry and overdubbed the Bob part. Short of that, all the Jerry stuff was as played. Of note is the Don't Let Go which had one of our best jams for that song. Check it out.

I saw a video on Cold Turkey, the John Lennon song, and I practiced it before the jam and wrote up the spec sheets and decided to give it a go. I forgot to hit record on take 1 so this was our second go-round. I ended up overdubbing a second, for the most part, doubling guitar part and the results are pretty good. It turned out much better than anyone could have expected. Especially Kevin who was a skeptic. The first set was really pretty good and felt like we accomplished something when it was over ending with the big Scarlet with the nice long jam in it.

The second set opened well with the Halfstep, which was pretty good, but we lost a bit of steam part way through there rest of the night and Kevin was resting on the floor for the Dixie and Glass Onion, so I overdubbed the bass on those at home. We closed with the nice I'm Walkin' to wake everyone up for the journey home and next week we have the recreation of the great 5-19-77 Fox show to do. The train keeps rolling along.