Carroll's 55th Street


Let's Go Dead, Let's Go Stein!

"Put in the Books!" Deadstein just completed another weekly jam and the Mets just beat the Dodgers to prevail in the National League Division Championship. This had its own implications on Deadstein as Lee was at the Mets game instead of drumming for us. Unfortunately for Lee, he saw a losing effort by the Mets, but much like Deadstein, they prevailed the next night to continue on with their quest.

with Scott Solo on the drums I was able to I think this sounded pretty good as the drums have a nice tight sound to them. I also changed up the balance in the mix update this week moving the lead guitar to the middle wall moving riches piano over to the left. This is different from what I have been doing for over the past year. Give it a listen, I think the recording sounds pretty good this week.

With all the 25th anniversary stuff going on in the past few weeks we have been playing a lot of standard Grateful Dead music that is within Deadstein's breadbasket. This week we extended ourselves a bit more playing a lot more Jerry Garcia Band including many songs we don't do often or well. These include the Long Black Veil, Stir It Up, Struggling Man, and the Senor. We give it our best while maintaining a freakin' positive attitude while having a real good time. Isn't that what it is all about? So Let's Go Mets, Let's Go Deadstein, and "Freak Out."