Smash Studios R


Smash Studios R with lots of high quality MiniT

It was nice to get MiniT there for an entire night and we played well for it.  Some of her songs may have turned out to be our best versions with her.  I really liked the To Lay Me Down.  I arrived just before 7:00 but Studio R is small and easy to setup.  The extra mic stands are a big help.  I was set up by 8:00 and away we went, playing lots of music.  There we no guests in the room.

For reference this was the recording setup.

  1. MiniT / Larry Vocal
  2. Rich Vocal
  3. Trister Vocal
  4. Larry Vocal
  5. Keyboard
  6. Bass - Senn 421
  7. Trister- SM57 - Smash's Beat Up Twin
  8. Gindoff - SM57 - Vox Modeling Amp
  9. Kick - AKG D112
  10. Snare - Neumann KM184
  11. Drum Overhead/Tom (Left) - Rode NT-4
  12. Drum Overhead/Tom (Right) - Rode NT-4
  13. Floor Tom - AKG Clip On
  14. Tom Between SM57

Till next Tuesday at Smash Studios R when we have a full MiniT Session.