Carroll's 55th Street


First jam of the new year brings Bill S. in to join us.

The 8-12 jam at Carroll's and it is the first jam of the new year.  It was another night that Bill S. joined us as the keyboard player to work in conjunction with Rich on piano.  Besides Bill, we had no guests except for little Jimmy.  This week in the room we had little space heaters so being ice cold is no longer the issue it was last week.  We also had the big PA and it sounded pretty good, you could even hear the piano through all our playing and feedback wasn't an issue.  I had the Converted master knob Twin while Trister had a good sounding reissue.  At least it was good sounding until the end of Knockin on Heaven's Door when the amp just died.   Good thing it was the last song of the night but Trister killed it.  Drums and bass were the same as they had been for the previous few weeks.

We did the 3 Beatle songs with I'm So Tired and Savoy Truffle being new to Deadstein.  As Trister stated, you can't expect Deadstein to do too much better on those than we did last night.  The Throwing Stones through the Good Lovin' was about 1 hour of non-stop music with transitions and Coffee-Boy was very nervous that the recorder was going to mess up that big file.  From the looks of it, we probably got the whole thing.   We were even done with the entire setlist with 40 minutes to go leading us to the GarBand songs until Trister's amp said, "enough is enough, I'm out of here."  Lots of great out of the body and mind jamming going on and a place for everyone to get lost on the road going to the right place.

Speaking of roads, there was virtually no traffic coming into the city to the drive in was a pleasure.  Traffic on the helix outside the Lincoln Tunnel made for a long ride home, but as Scotty just messenged me, "I'm So Tired."  In the world, the 9.0 on the Richter scale earthquake in the Indian Ocean with the ensuing Tsunami hitting the coastal areas of Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Thailand killing over 100,000 people.  A crazy world we live and and we have the fortune to jam Deadstein through it all.