Carroll's 55th Street


Alan plays with us at Ludlow Street in a hot late night jam.

This week we were back at Ludlow Street, playing with Alan as Trister sat this week out.  It was billed as a 9:00-12:00 jam which is very late and short for traditional Deadstein.  It was Alan, Rich, Kev, Coffee and I in the basement with no other people present.  Only the crowded, happening sidewalk above us.  At the end of the jam when we emerged from the sidewalk doors into that crowd, I received a few compliments on our playing.  Pretty cool.

I can't blame them for liking us cause we played really well, so I thought.  The sound in the room was really good.  I thought the 2 guitar amps and sounds melded really well.  In addition, the PA worked well where I could hear Rich's keys and the vocals nicely mixed in the room.  Kev's bass was also sounding good and so were the drums until the Other One when the bass pedal flew apart right as we were getting it going.  It was a "that's too bad moment.

I was using my little Fender Super Champ and had it elevated tilted toward my back just behind me and it sounded real good with my Fender Strat.  The strat came in wet and foggy from being left in a cold wet car for a week but fortunately it was proving to me that blemished or not, it could still sound good.  Luckily I took the guitar home and it's foggy complexion cleared up for the most part.  It sounded really good the guitar, Heykle and Jeckle effects and the Super Champ, with the treble knob pulled for 
mids.  I little turn back toward the amp with the guitar got it to sing and sustain in a sweet way, at a low volume. 

The Come Together was really good.  Alan and Rich really hit the keyboard into guitar lead nicely, it great moment.  It also ended with a hot jam.  Only the Ballad of the Thin was weak.  The rest of the night was strong.  Without adequate light and music stands getting information out of the book was difficult when you had to resort to it.

I ate at Katz Deli before, but the pastrami was a bit too fatty.  In addition I lost my water for the jam but found a suspect one that fell off of Kev's vibrating amp, so I drank it.  I later found my water in my car, so there was that mystery.  Thank G-d I didn't die from the dusty water I drank.  Mitch had some nice margaritas to give a sip or two of.  refreshing stuff. 

In the world, the Yankees had a 3-0 lead in the American League pennant championship and blew it for the first time in baseball history to Boston.  A great moment for Mets fans!  Likewise the 2004 presidential election is just over a week away and it is also neck-to-neck.  Let's hope George Bush doesn't replicate George Steinbrenners demise.