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Two in one week, only for the Positively Freaky one himself.

  • The Freak level was a mile high, the scopocity was copious and the Pos was in town.  He brought along his entourage including fiancee Michelle, sisiter Laura and bros-in-law Ian.  P.S. move to beautiful Morris County.!
  • In addition to the Freak from afar, Johnny came back in his tan and Little Buddy outfit and was in rare recent form, dancin up a storm through most of the night.
  • Laughing at some of Johnny's move from the back row were Scott's friend Logie? and some unnamed dude.  Boy, was the Freak Toast putting on a show for them.

  • As Paul said, "The Franklin's has come a long way."   For most of beginning it was great, it kept it's beat and  authenticity.   It wavered by the end.
  • Dave came late and began during the Brown-Eyed with his typical hit you in the face warmup, if there was any.
  • Cassidy was not one of our best.  Not that it was bad, it just lacked true Deadstein intensity.

  • We got the Memphis again.  Lots of Salads, two pies, but no heroes which they we us credit on.  Nevertheless, it was excellent food.  Twice in a week and the second time was better.  The salad was better, the pizza was better and the knots.  Umh!

  • I played drums for the Eyes of the World and the Music Never Stopped.   It was amazing because except for the beginning of the Music Jam, I felt very comfortable back there and I didn't feel as if I were a hindrance.
  • We went back to normal Deadstein formation for the Deal and It was smoking.  It could have been the hottest moment of the night.  It took me a good 2 verses to catch my breath and to stop my hands from shaking and spasming from the previous drum playing.  The Deal was good though, you have to admit it.