William Weiss Interiors Studio


The entire gang is back for a typical Deadstein overpower-fest.

For the first time in several weeks all the members and groupies were there to enjoy the show.  From note one of five, Trister finally understood what being caught in the Deadstein vortex was all about.  It's not pretty, but if you move into a trailer home in Freaksville, Oklahoma, you're bound to be hit by a Twister or two.  Regardless of that, the song we played were pretty good.  The only real mess up we had was in the Scarlet which came to a crash and burn but most other stuff was pretty good.  We also had some indecision coming out of the Hard To Handle jam.  In the end that indecision was good because it made us concentrate on coming out of other jams throughout the night which we successfully pulled of.  

Many of the songs you would expect to be bad actually were played as well as can be expected.  The Cats, Rose, Easy Wind, Bucket, Melody and Watchtower all fell into this description.  The Estimated was very nice and we did the Masterpiece GarBand style with many round on the lead and the entire song in the Key of A.

Deliciozo pizza, not well done but the Chicken Parm was spicy.

Till next Monday.