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A Monday jam where pork fat rules.

It was a late post for me but I was having trouble digesting the Virgils.  About a week later my colon is feeling pretty good again ready to face what we did in Deadstein.  I therefore opened my guitar case, got out the Eye-balled setlist and did the posting.  Good thing I pre-posted to let you guys talk in my laziness.  I've said it before, but who would figure in our old age that our food consumption would be the unhealthiest thing we do during a jam.  We are growing old.

I think everyone was there, if I recall correctly.  Tefillin-Ken was our only guest although there was some freaky pop musician who was checking out out jamming space before the set.  Larry said last week that he was taking the week of due to obsessive-compulsive volumephobia but he faced his demons and and arrived at the end of the Eyes of the World.  The irony of it is that the music, from a volumephobic perspective was the same as last week, but each week has it's only angle and surprises and Larry cherished it as opposed to languished in it.  Go figure.  Andy was clutch enough to persevere and  jam while catching a super early flight in the morning.  That task was made that much harder by the fact he had a half-ton boar in his stomach at the time.  I wouldn't want to sit next to him when the put a terrible sausage patty in front of him. 

I also had a weird Deadstein night because instead of going home and posting after the jam I went to my brother's apt in the city because I was playing acoustic guitar for my niece's (4 year's old) kindergarten class on Tuesday morning.  I was pretty nervous about it going into it but by the time I got there and was acclimated to the setting it performed really well.  I played a This Little Light Of Mine, Puff the Magic Dragon, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, This Old Man, Apples and Bananas, Down by the Bay and Wiiloughby, Wallaby, Woo.  I played really well and it was a great experience.

We had a few issues to work on to make the songs more correct.  One being the Loose Lucy, it has more of a staccato rhythm to it as opposed to the ploddingness Deadstein does.  It's something to think about for the next time we do it.  The Ship of Fools should really be done a whole step down from where we do it.  So if Andy want to transpose it on paper, I'm game.  Finally, we did okay on the Unbroken Chain but Larry says he has a better write-up of it so I look forward to that.

Till next Thursday.