SIR Studios, 25th Street


Deadstein does Davefest.

It was the big planned Davefest at SIR Studios on 25th Street and while it seemed as if Deadstein members and groupies were dropping like flies but we were able to muster enough to give those studios a good buzz.  Dave is going to have to fill you all in on the attendees and what exactly was played and who played it .  Where did he find these people.  It was an experience that was a lot of fun in the good musical variety.  A lot of kindness, even from the spooky, scary music.  Somehow you felt that was all a mask covering the warmhearted music that is what music is all about.  You just have to do it your way as a wise man sang to us on Saturday night.  What am I going to call him anything but wise?

The names and email addresses of those that filled out the sign-in sheet at the party are provided below.