William Weiss Interiors Studio


Lots of music played to celebrate Scott's Birthday.

There were no guests for the evening and it was down to core Deadstein as Brotman was out.  Tommy-Don-King Snapper was there working with Larry to give Deadstein the vocals were desparately need.  The two of them did a real nice job together during the To Lay Me Down.  If we had Scott chime in with a thrid part, which I think I hear room for, it would be delightful.  This song was pretty powerful anyway, singing and musically.

It was a very rainy night into the city with floooding and traffic.  Several of us were late.  The Mets continue with their typical September slump losing to the Braves 12-4, virtually negating the importance of the big Brave Series at the end of the year because the Mets are 5 games out but comfortable in the wildcard seat.  On a brighter note the Jets and Giants both started 3-0 this year while looking good.