The Weekly Freak



William Weiss Interiors Studio - Lots of music played to celebrate Scott's Birthday.

There were no guests for the evening and it was down to core Deadstein as Brotman was out.  Tommy-Don-King Snapper was there working with Larry to give Deadstein the vocals were desparately need.  The two of them did a real nice job together during the To Lay Me Down.  If we had Scott chime in with a thrid part, which I think I hear room for, it would be delightful.  This song was pretty powerful anyway, singing and musically.

It was a very rainy night into the city with floooding and traffic.  Several of us were late.  The Mets continue with their typical September slump losing to the Braves 12-4, virtually negating the importance of the big Brave Series at the end of the year because the Mets are 5 games out but comfortable in the wildcard seat.  On a brighter note the Jets and Giants both started 3-0 this year while looking good.