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A sad farewell to "Hey-Tom Banjo"

Hey 'yawl, sorry for the late post but whatch 'ya gonna do?  I did get to it now and I am in no means or way trying to slight Tom Snappa-Whappa-Banjo who is taking a hiatus to enjoy the birth of his new baby.  Best of luck to the entire Snappa-Whappa-Banjo family and a beloved Deadstein Mazel-Freakin Tov' to them all.  Nights of feeding formula made from the best stuff on Earth.

Tommy will be missed until he gets back.  With Tom we have had lots of energy in the band, we've completed many lists for several weeks straight now and I'm sure he's a part of it.  Rookie exuberance in the Deadstein vortex energized it quite a bit.  In addition Tom sang well, could give Larry a much needed breather and also provided us with more raising of the hand action than anyone else.

We were all there, I don't recall and guests and Johnny was absent.  I think the music this week may have taken the cake for the loudest we have every played, even so it was pretty good at points and weak at points.  I don't think it was ass good as the past several weeks.  But who is to complain, not me.  

I do remember the some very crisp Playin in the Band song parts after the Amaj Emaj Amaj parts etc.  If you know what I'm talkin' about.  I'm looking at the setlist and trying to remember what happened and all I can think is that it is a lot of big music played like it is.  You guys with the tapes are better versed to comment on the happenings.  I got so extended Godesque vocal delay going that perturbed Tom but we turned it down a bit. 

Larry and Andy had an ending of Fire that was to Die for in a Dead sense while I was hitting up the bongos with Snappa.  I liked the little drum solo where ever we did it.  We need to do drums space for 5 minutes each to give us time to stretch for 5 and space for 5.  Nothing wrong with that.  It might be invigorating.  It's nice to hear a song fade to drums as well as a song to fade from space.  It add a bit of karma to the evening. The space was nice while we were eating, the Wheel jam was cool.  I mean drums food space incorporated as part of the night would be excellent.

Mets and Yankees both start their play-off rounds with a split away from home.  We'll know if they survive by the next time I post.  Till then.  Let's go Mets!