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We've got dimpled chads instead of Trister. What's this country coming to?

Election Day 2000 and it's too close to call between Bush and Gore.  Wait, this was the start of last week's post and the week before and it's again the start of this week's post.  Two weeks after the election Bush is ahead by 900 and change votes in Florida for the race for President. He picked up 600 votes this week.   Wait a minute the Democratic Supreme Court of Florida just ruled tonight that dimpled chads will count.  They are hoping there are at least 900 dimpled chads in those ballots for Gore or else they are going to come out with a stronger ruling next week like even though George Bush won the Florida vote the Florida Supreme Court is going to declare Gore President.   I still vote for Dennis.

Enough reminiscing over the strength of our democracy.  It's time to reminisce over the strength of our anarchy called Deadstein.  Actually speak to me in 6 weeks and we'll talk about strength of anarchy.  Nevertheless, in the sun setting of our Age of Periclese we pulled off another powerful a pretty well play night.  Trister was a no show as he had work and dog obligations.  Tefillin-Ken was there to be his name sake and Johnny only made it for one half as he had to get home prior to his trip to Florida.  Just be careful of the right turn on left arrow driving in Florida at their dimpled intersections.

There was a mini-revolt against Kevin's first few songs and a compromise was reached.  The Bertha was played strongly with a point and then we pulled off one of our best Touch of Greys.  I had my new Heritage 576 guitar to check out for the night and had a great night with it.  It felt very comfortable on me and sounded pretty good at times.  I'm pretty happy with the results.  It's amazing how my amp was only up to 4, 5 by the end of the night, whereas with my strat it goes from 7-8.  It's a very sensitive guitar.

The birdsong was really nice.  Good jamming.  The Cumberland was nice a fast, agile and quick.  Thin man is a Larry favorite and I'm sure he like the results as the leads just naturally takes off out of the verse into something special.  Hey, most of the songs were good.  We played with energy and excitement for most of the night.  With all the jammy songs we had on the list, most of the jams were meaningful and not just going through some motions.  

Once again, one long set without a food break.  It kept us going.  We had a mini-Bens thing to start which held us over till Scott, Rich, Ken and I ended up that the Jerusalem Pizza place.  Just a stone throw from Scott's.  It makes you feel so much better that they are just throwing dimpled chads back and forth down in Florida.

It was a cold clear day in the city.  New Holland Tunnel routing coming out of it.