Pseudo Space


The PSEUDO Deadstein era begins

It was our first night at PSEUDO and it all work out well so far.  We got in there and started playing.  Deadstein operates like a M*A*S*H unit and we are on our way.  Actually a lot of it had to do with the hard work of Larry who was kind enough to go in early and drag a lot of our stuff up there.

It's a new era for Deadstein as we may have found a home for a little while.  The move went pretty smooth as a first step. Scott is borrowing a small portion of the Carpetsteen kit but he also had to go to his storage locker to get additional hardware.  Dave got a new timbale set with cow bell and cymbal and will probably have a new complete set by next week.  Yet his existing little thing quite effective.  We have the old classic sounds of Kevin and Rich.  Tom is singing out of some mic he stole from his high school auditorium in 1978 and us three guitarists are working on new sounds through effects, pickups, etc.  There were plenty of weird sounds being played.  The PA system was delivered but the AC cord to the mixer was no where to be found so Peter was quick minded and routed everything into his own board and we were on our way.  Andy, don't forget to look around for the mixer's power adapter and bring it with you.

Tefillin Ken was the first official guest but others were there.  Peter of course even though he left early and let us play.  Victor who was there set a few things up was there to let us out.  It like a Denis / Riley thing going on.  So they were there and guests for now, but as time goes on, I assume we won't mention them again as being guests.  Bill Black from JABA Communications, Ltd, on the 4th floor hung out for most of the first set and smoked many a cigarette and seemed to enjoyed us.  Then at the end of the night three people wandered in and out.  It was a little weird.

The sound at the beginning was terrible, just a big mud ball.  A little distressing.  I was battling my behemoth Fender Terrible Twin all night.  That thing really sucks,   I think its the 4 speakers and the closed cabinet more so than the amp.  Any way me and the room seemed to settle into the more comfortable level by the end of the night.  Andy had his new Digitech wammy thing but at least he has his 65 Twin.  Larry also had his his Twin.

The night was filled with standard overly big muddy Deadstein which I was probably a big part of.  Just wait till Dave gets in there for real.   Playing was cool, Cassidy was smooth and the Dew was moving.  Tommy B spilling his guts.

Till next Thursday, hopefully in Pseudo