Caroll's 41st Street


Dave and Larry G. share the guitar part for some GarBand and Top 40 hits.

It was another abbreviated Deadstein evening.  With No Larry B. and no Trister.  This left Dave to play guitar and a few top 40 classics.  Scott was his own blurry lonesome on the drums but he managed to stay alive.  I didn't think he was going to make it as he started blurry and seemed to get foggier over time.  It wasn't till he heard the like of He Ain't Give You None that it seemed that he got his second wind. 

I taped 8-track and it seemed to go very well.  I tried my new Crown PZM mic on Rich's closed piano top to see how that worked.  It sounded good, and monitoring in the room also seemed pretty good last night.  Personally it was fun to play lots of leads I never get to play.  I feel like I had some nice grooves and communication with Kevin which kept up pretty tight throughout the night, even through the many verses of He Aint Give You None.  It was a fun night for me but I would love to see the full band one night soon.  There is nothing like that big Deadsteain experience you get from the full band.  It was a night filled with GarBand, Doobie Brothers and Beatles. 

Till we meet again, whenever we decide, so speak up Deadstein as Banjo says.