Caroll's 41st Street


Everyone but LB share in a freaky experience.

We almost had the full band there but LB was the only one missing, recovering from the Big Bob Weir tour where he had Phil's band as a backup.  Neverthelesh Philling, Deadstein keeps going along.  On the third floor of Caroll's after a week off we showed some rust.  We had two guests, Penny and Banjo's friend Alan who both had to persevere through the loudness of it all.  Andy forgot his distortion apperatti and felt vulnerable without it.  I don't know, I had mine and felt vulnerable with it so as Kevin and I were discussing earlier in the day, it's not the equipment that makes the player.  Dave brought in a little egg-foo young and assorted other garlic based delicacies, hopefully that doesn't start a bad trend that eventually gets us kicks out of Caroll's.  It was a much appreciated trend though.

The Casey Jones was good.

Till we meet again.  .