Carroll's 55th Street


Core Five Plays With No Agenda

01 Harder They Come.mp3

02 Little Red Rooster.mp3

03 Hard To Handle.mp3

04 Love In The Afternoon.mp3

05 She Belongs To Me.mp3

06 Wake Up Little Suzie.mp3

07 Big Boss Man.mp3

08 Long Black Veil.mp3

09 Loose Lucy.mp3

10 Cassidy.mp3

11 Brothers and Sisters.mp3

12 Don't Ease Me In.mp3

13 Oh, Lady Be Good.mp3

14 Misty.mp3

15 My Favorite Things jam.mp3

16 Stop That Train.mp3

17 Till The Morning Comes.mp3

18 Ship Of Fools.mp3

19 Mason's Children.mp3

20 Mission In the Rain.mp3

21 You Never Can Tell.mp3

Back in our cozy studio @ at Carroll's this week for another small grouping Deadstein. Lee and Scott on drums, angled toward each other for better communication and footage. Kevin's rigs for the first time in a while was not between the drummers but on the back wall. Rich and I completed the jam circle kind of facing each other. I was playing my gold Les Paul again this week through my Dream 65 effect into the clean channel of a Fender Deluxe while recording into a DI right from the Dream 65. I wasn't thrilled with my tone in the room during the night but the recording is OK.

For the most part Rich and I switch off singing the songs of the night and we played a bit more Garcia Band than usual with the crew that we had in the house. It made sense and we ended up with a lot of songs. Twenty-one to be exact, yet with out one real jam and or segue. I snuck in 3 jazz tunes as my jazz camp is creeping up on me so i want to get as many of those in as people will take. With the exception of the favorite Things, they were pretty good. While I wasn't thrilled with the overall performance, nothing was too good, but with that stated, it was all good enough and the recording and video are pretty good. Makes for a good night making you want to come back for more, which we shall.

Freak Out!