Carroll's 55th Street


Rennie Is Back As We Just Play

Andy was a no show this week, but we did have Rennie and Drew returning for their first jam since the June 8 Bitter End show. WE were able to qvell in the greatness of that show while preparing for the night ahead of us. Just before starting, Kevin got paranoid about his questionably-legal parking spot his car was in. Rather than worrying about it all night, he was smart and quick about it, moving it to a new spot and getting back right as we were finishing up the bassless first song, You Ain't Goin No Where. Following that first number, we focused on just a few of the songs we anticipate playing from Rennie's new album, scheduled for it debut on July 14, 2022 when Deadstein joins Rennie, with a whole bunch of guests at the City Winery Loft celebrating the release of the album. I have head it and it is worth celebrating.

Freak Out!