Carroll's 55th Street


The Hutch, in the form of Donny Jams with Us on a Monday Night

Compared to last week's 3-man jam, this week was filled with it's in's and out's. First of all in was Donny Hutcher, in for business and in for Deadstein on a surprise Monday night. Kevin called me early in the day and asked me to bring a guitar in for Donny and he had my Epiphany Les Paul at his disposal with the Mark IV Meas Boogie amp. I had a Fender Twin Reverb which fell apart on the low note and ruined much of my sound in the recording for the night. Alan had his effectless DSP-Strat going right into the JC-120. Kevin had his normal rig. Lee wanted to take the week off but Scott's uncertain schedule had Lee pulling the mensch and sitting in for him until he arrived. Lee played for the first set only then left. I had worked on the Help Slip during there week prior and we pulled off a great Help and slipped on the Slip but the Knot was not. The Franklins was just babble. I had also worked on the Chinacat Jerry part trying to evolve into the proper role for that song. I like what I hear from the switch Alan and I pulled off.

For the second set, I started noodling on Pink Floyd's Another Brick in the Wall until everyone joined me and I tried to orchestrate and teach the songs while playing it. In any case, it's pretty cool sounding, especially with the synths I added in post. After that, all hell broke loose when I decided to switch instruments with Kevin, playing bass while he did the dirty guitar duties. Very interesting stuff. Donny left somewhere during all of this. Until we once again "Freak Out"