Carroll's 55th Street


Playing Tribute to the 4-28-71 Fillmore East Show

It was just the five of us as Scott was leaving for JazzFest, NOLA in the morning. It being April 28, we decided to play tribute to the April 28, 1971 Fillmore East show by tackling some of the favorites from that show. We even did the We Bid You Good Night. We still did get the Lazy Lightning in late in the evening to try to keep that fresh. Considering Kevin was dead on his feet, we got through it. It was a rough night for Deadstein from the stamina perspective. The Dark Star and the Goin Down the Road were knock out punches. I played some wacky sting noises during the after the first verse of the Dark Star that turned out pretty cool. Our transition into the St. Stephen was also nicely done for a few notes.

The first set had some good stuff in it and was much stronger than the second set. Not much more to say but looking forward to next week. "Freak Out!"