Carroll's 55th Street


Earth Day 2015 Jam is Without Rich

The week Deadstein was without Rich as Alan was back with us. Rich must be out of this world because it was Earth Day and he wasn't with us.Many of the songs selected for the evening were influenced by it being Earth Day including the opening of We Can Run; Morning Dew, Throwing Stones and Isn't It a Pity also had the Earth in mind when being played.

With no Rich it meant that I sang all the songs and even added some keyboards after the fact during mix downs. You can even hear some percussion playing during the nice 23-minute Uncle John's El Paso Uncle John's segment. This is the third week in a row of playing Lazy Lightning Supplication and it keep getting better every week even with the brain-fart Kevin experienced during the warm-up to the Lazy Lightning. Scott asked to play a slow song so not to injure his shoulder so i suggested the Lucky ol Sun and it was quite a good one. He also played in the second set with a Isn't It a Pity. Happy Earth Day and "Freak Out!"