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First Set
  • Uncle Johns Band -->
  • Shakedown Street
  • Let's Spend the Night Together
  • China Doll -->
  • Playing in the Band

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  • When the Hunter Gets Captured By the Game
  • Box of Rain -->
  • Throwing Stones
  • Loser
  • Here Comes Sunshine
  • Beat It ON Down the Line
  • Positively 4th Street
  • Gomorrah
  • Dear Prudence
  • Cats Down Under the Stars
  • Music Never Stopped

Next jam is next Tuesday, November 30, 2004, 8-12 and it is yet confirmed.

It was our first big jam with lots of people and our friend Michael stopping by to listen to us.  It always great to see him.  No one seems to enjoy our music to the extent that he does.  It is just fantastic to see some one spin like a top and yet stand behind the drummers right between them with his hands behinds his ears trying to get the best sound and spatial experience possible.  In addition to Michael we had Michael Carpetsteen and Bill Siegel.  Couple these people with a full six man standard Deadstein, we really had a great freakfest.

First of all Carroll's once again showed its greatness.  While they did try to pass on the blow Twin with the "x" on it to Trister their huge selection of equipment prevailed and we had all we needed.  This included mic stands and a keyboard amp for Bill.  We had the double drummers, double keys, double guitars and Kevin sounded like 2 basses.  It was big and we played to it.  I think we played really well with lots of great moments.  When it came to the end and we had Michael urging us on it seemed like we were just getting stronger and stronger.  It was too bad it was midnight and time was up.

General Comments

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Name: Lloyd "Yav"
Date: 24 Nov 2004
Time: 12:51:33


Hey Now! Cool scene ya got... I play in Onthebus in DC, a Dead tribute ( and I stumbled onto you while looking for some music while visiting NY for Thanksgiving... looks like you're off until the 30th... maybe some other time... if you're ever in DC, give me a shout if ya want to jam. Peace, Yav

Name: Trister
Date: 24 Nov 2004
Time: 16:11:56


Since I was the last one out yesterday I was treated to my own little private Jimmy tirade while waiting for the elevator. Apparently, the bastards knew that the elevator was too small and slow. The assholes just don't care...just look at the doors...the air gets right thru. Asshole bastards! He definately gets the MDE award (Most Disgruntled Employee) of the year. I love him. What a great jam last night...special thanks to the Michaels and Billy for stopping by. The only bad news is there was no valet at the Milford Plaza so I had to self park. Realizing I was starving, I then ventured to the closest pizza joint I could find where two slices cost me seven bucks. Midtown is brutal.

Name: Coffee
Date: 26 Nov 2004
Time: 20:43:58


Sets up! also check last weeks box, I found (4) more songs from the 18th. Happy Thanksgiving

Name: Scott
Date: 30 Nov 2004
Time: 05:24:22


Tuesday is here Gents............ Gettin ready for a Rockin Eve'

Name: Scott
Date: 30 Nov 2004
Time: 05:28:37


I'm listening to Bob Dylan's new audio book "Chronicles" part one. What a great listen so far' I just got to the part where Bob Dylan met Richie Havens.

Name: Coffee
Date: 30 Nov 2004
Time: 08:53:08


Waa Sooo!! Looking forward to some Fun. Its been sounding swell. Bill , nice job on the keys & Vocals. You should stop by more often! Also, a special shout out to Bill & Andy for their extreme act of "kindness". See ya all tonight, Later

Date: 30 Nov 2004
Time: 13:20:50


This week was extraordinarily fun & good. You have to take that with a grain of salt when I say it, because I always think it's fun & good, but when Trister thinks it's extraordinarily fun & good...that's sayin' something...and he did. Big Yoink.

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