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First Set
  • Bertha
  • Scarlet Begonias -->
  • Victim or the Crime -->
  • Here Comes the Sun
  • El Paso
  • Brown-Eyed Women
  • Hard to Handle
  • Little Red Rooster
  • Brothers and Sisters

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  • He's Gone -->
  • Other One -->
  • Going Down the Road-->
  • Terrapin Station
  • Let It Be
  • Dancin in the Streets
  • Wharf Rat
  • One More Saturday Night

Next jam is next Thursday, November 18, 2004, 8-12 and it is confirmed.

One More Wednesday night at Carroll's taking the slow elevator up to the ever evolving sixth floor.  While a bit cold outside the air was still and it turned out to be a pretty nice night.  On this Wednesday night we were located in the larger studio up front, one we have not yet been in.  Carroll's finally got the knobs for the $6,000 doors but they didn't come close to sealing out the sound from the Cuban band practicing next door.  I can only imaging how loud we were to them.

Trister blew us off at the last minute to get in one last tuna fishing expedition for the year.  Fortunately, Alan D., fresh from a trip to Amsterdam, was vibing just right and was able and willing to fill in for Andy.  We had Scott join us for the 3rd week in a row and the groove between the two drummers in really beginning the mesh nicely.  A nice solid, yet under control rhythmic foundation is appearing under our melodies.

We started strong with a nicely paced Bertha.  To bad Coffee forgot to hit record on that number so we will never know how good or bad it was.  Coffee had a few technical problems on the recording so we didn't get everything.  In addition we also lost the Scarlet Victim to some type of Archos hard disk corruption error.  The missing of the Bertha was some type of Margolis neural corruption error, or in other words, he forgot to hit record.

Alan next requested a Scarlet which we did very well, slowly but under control.  We then transitioned into a Victim which was way too slow and a mess for the most part.  We then transitioned nicely back into the Scarlet to end that little jam which gave some additional satisfaction to the whole thing.

The Brothers and Sisters felt pretty good as did the Terrapin.  That was well executed.  Brotman surprised us all as he started the Hard to Handle out of a jam on a Hey Bulldog.  The Here come the Sun and the Let It Be both seem to turn out better than everyone expected.

We had the nice 5 song segue that was all pretty good except the Other One had problems getting under way.  The Dancin in the Streets was better than I expected.  We closed with the Saturday Night on Wednesday night just to prove that we could.  Actually maybe it  proved that we really couldn't.  But we could.

Speaking of couldn't, in the world, Yasser Arafat finally died in France tonight.  The inventor of modern terrorism has a lot to be proud of.  May he have vivid memories of all his accomplishments as he rots in hell.  On a more civilized note, the little old guy of Carroll's enjoyed his 69th birthday tonight.   I saw him on many occasion peering his head through the windows in the $6,000 doors and even rocking his head back and forth a few times.  What a way to spend your 69th birthday but watching Deadstein through a small window.  We should have let him pick the setlist.  There was no real food at the jam, a French black cherry sucking candy, but that was it.  I didn't even eat anything else.  Luckily I have tomorrow off to celebrate Veteran's Day.  I day to celebrate the accomplishment of our armed services as they forged forward on their assault on Falluja, a soon to be former terrorist safe haven 35 miles from Baghdad.

General Comments

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Name: Larry G.
Date: 13 Nov 2004
Time: 06:49:19


Hey with the help of a little Coffee-Boy dark roast, I am up relatively early on Saturday morning and checked out the website and saw Mitch uploaded this week's jam. I therefore quickly updated the database and voila, available from your web browswer. Enjoy.

Name: Larry G.
Date: 13 Nov 2004
Time: 06:51:30


Another by the way,so far we have used up 7.8 GB of the allotted 9 GB of space I have available to post files, so in about 3 weeks I am going to be faced with deleting files from older jams so if you want to listen to anything or download anything from old days do it now cause it may gone without warning.

Name: Coffee
Date: 13 Nov 2004
Time: 21:07:04


Nice minutes! If anyone wants or cares, I have all of the files posted backed up; and some. I will gladly put them on a DVD upon request. ( and a blank DVD ). On another note or several thousand notes, most of the notes sound real swell! Having a blast with double drummers, more is better, thanks scotty ;):)

Name: Larry G.
Date: 14 Nov 2004
Time: 18:55:08


I took the opportunity of the Kean College (2-28-80) and Lunt Fontanne (10/31/87) being released to update the Deadstein website to include almost every imortant Jerry Garcia Band song in a MP3 version for your listening pleasure and reference. Just make sure you login first to get access to them and then just look up the song database for a song and click the MP3 link. Without a login, you will be viewing as a guest and only have access to Deadstein music. I also included all the Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band stuff also.

Name: Trister
Date: 17 Nov 2004
Time: 18:24:27


Yo deadstein what up. A guy a I played a gig with last weekend would like to stop by and play a tune or 2 with us tomorrow night. Nice guy and th nicest quilted maple strat you'll ever see.....

Name: Scott
Date: 18 Nov 2004
Time: 05:05:31


As long as its not a Crotch Mahogany Yamaha Guitar!!

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