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First Set
  • Alabama Getaway
  • Brother Esau
  • Cosmic Charlie
  • Althea
  • Memphis Blues
  • Dancin' in the Streets
  • That's What Love Will Make You Do
  • When the Hunter Gets Captured by the Game

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  • Passenger
  • Estimated Prophet -->
  • Ship of Fools
  • Like a Road
  • Wharf Rat
  • Music Never Stopped

Next jam is next Thursday, October 20, 2005 and it is not yet confirmed.

It was the five of us back in Carroll's on a very short four day rest that felt like we never left from the previous Thursday.  The PA was sounding pretty powerful and we were off to the races.  Even though we celebrated Deadstein's 15th anniversary last Thursday, we played so close that this week was more of an anniversary show than last.  A Cosmic Charlie, how often do you get one of those? And it was good also.

It was elimination day for the Yankees as they lost game 5 in the first round of the playoffs to the LA Angels.  It was a rare moments as Deadstein during our break watched the game for a few minutes.  I had a dry-rib plate from Daisy Mae's with Sweet Mint Tea for Dinner.  Damn, those are good ribs.

General Comments



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Name: Brotpen
Date: 14 Oct 2005
Time: 10:51:27


Aren't there six of us?

Name: Scott
Date: 14 Oct 2005
Time: 13:57:09


The Gind was just testing us to see if we're really paying attention! Glad someone was.........

Name: Trister
Date: 15 Oct 2005
Time: 06:00:35


Hey Coffee how about putting the last two sets up???

Name: Coffee
Date: 19 Oct 2005
Time: 18:55:33


Sets are up! Better late than never!

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