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First Set
  • Cold Rain and Snow
  • China Cat Sunflower->
  • I Know You Rider
  • Dancin' in the Streets
  • China Doll
  • Lazy Lightning->
  • Supplication
  • Direwolf
  • St. Stephen->
  • The Eleven->
  • Death Don't Have No Mercy
  • Golden Road
  • Good Night Irene

Because of the New Year, Deadstein must play next Wednesday.  They don't call us Deadstein for nothing.

A Pinch To Grow An Inch, A Tweak Cause Your a Freak.

This was a small night yet I was gratified.  There was not Brotman, no Trister and no Schwartz, but the was a Scotty birthday to celebrate.

Since Larry B was late we decided to eat Bens early.  An impressive showing from the often unimpressive deli.  Hot dogs, cole slaw, kraut, brisket, knishes, fries (Nathansesque).  The early eat was good because we played a lot of music and got out by 10:40.  Even with significant traffic at the Holland Tunnel, I got home before 12:00.  Super thick fog on the highways coupled with my super thick fog made the drive home a bit of a challenge.  Fall is here, the weather says it and so does the traffic.

I got a really bad cut on the pad of my left index finger earlier in the day installing a modem.  Computer hardware installation can be hazardous.   It even hurts as I am typing now, not helped by the night of the B string gnawing away at it throughout the night.  Nevertheless, I hung in there and did the best I could but it was a painful bummer through the night with two noticeable pain twinges during the China Cat, when I broke it open, and the Death Don't Have No Mercy.  It's too bad because I was using Andy's Twin and I loved the sound but I could let loose, it's a shame.

I thought the Music was impressive for lots of tough songs.  We pulled off a pretty good sounding Lazy Lightning and the Stephen, Eleven held together.   Both had validity and potential.

Direwolf was beautiful

Johnny is about to get fired for refusing to leave his newly assigned office space,  Let's hope he has a job for the new year.  He liked the Dancin' in the Streets and did a great job fetching the Bens.

Kevin's didn't like the sound.  He set up a monitoring system that confused Scott and was turned off.  There was talk of mixing and soundboarding the room.

Considering it was only four of us, we played pretty quietly and it was refreshing.  Got To Go, No coffee on the way home makes for an early and non-loquacious evening.

General Comments

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Name: Hutch
Date: 9/18/98
Time: 11:26:35 AM


I will be in NYC on Wednesday to wrap up with my client and more importantly, to wrap up the best musical summer I have experienced in a long while. See you all then...can we set up for the [Editorial Comment "IxNea"]?

Name: Menaker
Date: 9/19/98
Time: 11:26:35 AM


Happiest of birthdays Scott. Sorry I couldn't be there, but Deb had the night out with her girlfriends (she had dibs first). See you on Wednesday!

Name: scott
Date: 9/19/98
Time: 1:13:48 PM


Thanks For All My Birthday Wishes Guy's. Happy New Year !!! My obscure set list went fairly well. I think we could get some of them into our rotation ???????????? The 78' Dancin was cool, Lazy Lightnin with a little more listening could really be BIG, And it was....Thanks See ya Wednesday

Name: Larry G.
Date: 9/19/98
Time: 8:11:53 PM


Happy New Year for you all. I just came back from the NYC Guitar Show at 440 East 12th Street, between 1st and Ave. A and have a new amp to bring. Gotta be psyched, se ya then.

Name: Alan Wikler
Date: 9/20/98
Time: 12:32:37 AM


Happy birthday Scott!

Name: Larry B
Date: 9/21/98
Time: 10:09:17 AM


Happy New Year

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