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First Set
  • Shakedown Street
  • Little Red Rooster
  • Touch of Grey
  • El Paso
  • Friend The Of Devil
  • Paint My Masterpiece
  • West LA Fadeaway
  • Lost Sailor -->
  • Saint of Circumstance
  • Hard to Handle
  • Wake Up Little Suzie
  • Space ->
  • China Doll
  • All Along the Watchtower
  • Playin' in the Band -->
  • Uncle Johns Band
  • Black Peter -->
  • Playing in the Band
  • Second That Emotion
  • Keep Your Day Job

The date of the next jam is Tuesday, August 22th.

It was a night with no guests, except my Brother and Gary Biali who shocked me during the cleanup so I ended up in the ESPNzone afterwards chugging cokes in an attempt to cure the sour veal I ingested.  Nevertheless, it lead to this delayed posting.  It was a night worth going home and writing about cause there were lots of hot moments I was lost in and they'll be beyond description at this point.  Only those with the tapes can describe them.  The one long set, even though I cheated by eating the poison veal in the middle, is really an endurance effort that leaves you woozy at the end of the night.  With the hot music we played all the way from start to end, coupled with putrid veal, the night really took a toll.

Dave was a no show and Rich was back.  Wappa-Snappa Gola was there for week two and worked well with Larry.  They seemed to enjoy each other, and isn't that what it is all about?  I remember some nice China Doll moments.

For me, the Zen of  the midi thing was there for week two. One week wiser and one week worse.  The child's mind was such a wonderful thing. I'll never experience it like I had last week and it will probably diminish over time as I become jaded by it.  In any case, I have a new and improved midi unit on order.  I should become familiar with my new one because I'm not spending time learning the unit I'm borrowing from Larry.  Thank you Larry!!!  The guitar itself is feeling great, I love the return of the wammy.  With a touch of midi mixed with my array of Line-6 modeled delays and POD 2.0 (upgraded last week), I'm enjoying a spacey sound I haven't dabbled with since my old RP6 floor unit.  How long till this stuff end up on top of that thing?  In any case, it's a blast.  Rich, you should think about getting that Peavey amp of your fixed cause I'm gonna want to take back my other Fender Twin.

Johnny broke out the Russian-Greek Orthodox ruby robe,  I think it's confining to his legs and hampers his dancing.  

Kevin, under the so-called tutelage of LLB, lead us through the Hard to Handle transitions in the lead and it was pretty crisp and hot.  

Trister pulled out the Day Job   Playing was hot and spacey, jazzy, and smooth.  We transitioned out of the Playing like the Fox 77 with a little Dm jam into "Wo-oh what I want to know . . ." into the beginning of the song.  Pretty good stuff done without pre-planning.  We had lots of nice moments of big and small throughout  the night.  We had moments of confusion and chaos.  I was pointing to Trister to play a Masterpiece lead, Larry thought the opposite.  Coming back into Playing in the Band just collapsed under it's own ineptitude.  Like the mythic Phoenix, Larry resurrected it coming out of the Black Peter and it was worthwhile.

Mets lost 16-1 against Colorado and there is serious talk of the trading of Patric Ewing.  I have no idea what the weather was last night.  I think it was cool and nice.

General Comments

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Remote Name:
Date: 23 Aug 2000
Time: 22:08:20


Obviously Deadstein is in a new phase. The overnite sensation, PoisyPoisonGollo, has made an impact. A positive one. Deadstein is more confident. Deadstein, now seems to have the ability to be hyper-aware, while being in a trance...a long sought after skill. A lot of good stuff happened last nite, but the 'FTOD' was insane. LLB vocals, solid but dynamic groove, and the sick unfreakinbelievable Trister solo. That's good skopp, good skopp. Dave AWOL. I hope he got lucky (and I don't mean Luke & Laura's son). PariahBoy (formerly known as Freakboy) seemed to be making some sort of effort. He whipped out the Tallis bag dress, twinkled a couple of toes, and ordered an accurate meal. I think he was just glad LLB didn't throw something deadlier at him.

Name: DAVE S
Remote Name:
Date: 24 Aug 2000
Time: 02:32:13



Name: tommy-snappa-snapple-wappa-poisy-poison-gollo-gola-banjo
Remote Name:
Date: 24 Aug 2000
Time: 08:24:26


I am really having a grate time, and love the space you have all created for me to fit into. It is easy to see that all of you you are really comfortable playing together, and I am just trying to slide into the fabric of the whole thing. It was grate having the brotman back and seeing where he fits in the firmament of it all. the Brent-THE FRONT-man is working me over at this time, taking me through the changes, and finding the harmonies with me and the Big G is correct,we are becoming vocally sympatico. Standing next to Kevin the guitarist-slumming-as-an-amazing bass player-dude has helped me keep the beat (nice soloing by the way in Watchtower) Trister reminds me of Jerry-Post-Fuzz-box, and his solo in Deal 2 weeks ago still sticks out in my mind. While I missed Dave Schwartzeneger - Scott's hurculean effort kept us all in time! And finally, a word for Johnny Freakboy, even though Mr G left it out, you found the range on the Wheel (one of my highlights) and make a grate impact, sweaty looking outfit aside!

Name: Larry G.
Remote Name:
Date: 24 Aug 2000
Time: 08:53:11


Thanks Snappa for reminding me about the Wheel, I forgot, I was playing clap at the time. It was pretty easy to do. I also forgot to compliment Scott on his drumming, rock solid for the entire night. I like getting him a large iced coffee before we start.

Name: Trister
Remote Name:
Date: 24 Aug 2000
Time: 09:09:37


There's something happeneing here.....

The band feels like a snake shedding it's skin now; protruding fresh and all glistening-like. Is it tommysnapplefreakwoppabanjo? Is it freak boy putting on the flowing robes of freak, only to tease us and lounge in it? Is it Scott on iced coffee?

I don't know but I like it. Keep it up , Deadstein.

And Johnny, how about that sleevless number with a T-shirt next week? It gives you more room to groove and breathes better. Baby steps, freaky one........

Name: tommy snappa banjo
Remote Name:
Date: 24 Aug 2000
Time: 12:22:25


Yes, you had the clap pretty good lst night, Big G. BTW folks, that midi thing had me questionning just HOW MANY GUITARISTS we had last night.

Name: tommy snappa banjo
Remote Name:
Date: 24 Aug 2000
Time: 12:22:36


Yes, you had the clap pretty good that night, Big G. BTW folks, that midi thing had me questionning just HOW MANY GUITARISTS we had last night.

Name: Steele
Remote Name:
Date: 24 Aug 2000
Time: 14:00:45


You know - You deadstein dudes are really on to something big. I know this positive energy and kind rice balls will someday have you headlining every major freak venue in NYC. I say keep kicking fuckin ass and having fun! Larry B is still the almighty ticket god and Johnny's dancin'brings out spins of epic freakiness last seen in Saratoga 82'. You cats rule - Steele

Name: Trister
Remote Name:
Date: 25 Aug 2000
Time: 08:49:17


I just checked out that Devil and Kevin is right. Forget my lead, everyone did their part to make that highlght film material.

Name: Sandy the Squirrel
Remote Name:
Date: 29 Aug 2000
Time: 15:01:29


Are ya ready kids???


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