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First Set
  • Dark Hollow
  • Aiko Aiko
  • Race is On
  • To Lay Me Down
  • Cassidy
  • Jack-A-Roe
  • On the Road Again
  • Birdsong
  • Ripple

Second Set

  • Bertha -->
  • He's Gone -->
  • Playing in the Band
  • Uncle John's Band -->
  • Wharf Rat -->
  • Around and Around -->
  • Johnny B. Goode
  • It'a All Over Now Baby Blue
  • It Must Have been the Roses
  • Passenger

The next jam and scheduled for next Tuesday August 12, 2003 at Smash Studios R.

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It was just the four of us again, No Trister, No MiniT and no guests.  I used the VHT amp and didn't get shocked so from that perspective it was fun.  We played lots, more than I assume i wrote but I have no time to recap all of this.  I Really liked some of the slow stuff like the To Lay me Down and the It Must Have Been the Roses.  Coffee-Boy can really keep that nice slow steady drip.  I also liked the Passenger.  I got some mean slide going during that.  I'm sure we played an additional song or two but this was all I could remember.

Kev, Coff and I ate Fresco Taco before hand.

General Comments

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Name: Larry G.
Date: 8/8/2003
Time: 3:59:59 PM
Remote Name:


Check out some of the more recent postings from 7/24/97. A couple of good Dennis issues. Boy, I used to do a nice posting. What ever happened?

Name: Steele
Date: 8/8/2003
Time: 8:13:28 PM
Remote Name:


Nice Job All - those set lists look fkn awesome - Deadstein is kicking and kicking hard! Reading lists brings smiles a plenty - NYC Dead - Living It Large...Woo.

Name: Brotpen
Date: 8/9/2003
Time: 7:10:51 PM
Remote Name:


I guess even Deadstein needs a vacation. No jam next Tuesday 8/12. But we'll be back Tuesday 8/19, Smash Studio R.

Name: Larry M
Date: 8/25/2003
Time: 9:18:03 PM
Remote Name:


"In the room was standard Deadstein crew with the conspicuous absence of Larry M. In addition, very special guests include Andrew Trister, who played in a jam early on in the Ganesvoort days. He was not heard from since until he called me out of the blue a week ago and made it to the final show"." And look at him now!

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