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First Set
  • Shakedown Street
  • C.C. Rider
  • Brown-Eyed Women
  • Tennessee Jed
  • Brother Esau
  • Touch of Grey
  • Sitting Here in Limbo
  • Brown-Eyed Woman
  • Cats Down Under the Stars

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  • Hell in a Bucket
  • Rhapsody in Red
  • Drive My Car
  • Dear Prudence
  • Mister Charlie
  • Bright Side of the Road
  • Stop That Train
  • Eyes of the World
  • It's All Over Now Baby Blue

Next jam is next Tuesday August 10, 2006 at Carrolls, and it is confirmed.  It's a Trister Birthday jam and I'll be late, zooming in from my meeting.

The whole band was there in the big jam room ready to rock the night.  We missed Trister from the week before and were psyched to hear him play with us. Michael, Moham-Jerome and his friend Seth came to join us which is always a treat on Jerry's Birthday.  Michael was spinning, Moham was rolling on his helios back and forth along the back of the big room, long hair flowing behind and Seth was just grooving to the vibe.

It was like over 100% outside as it was sweltering and humid.  Thank G-d we abuse the AC in the studio.  It is like week 3 in the most recent war between Israel and Hezbulah as well as Hamas, as well as Iran and Syria.

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Date: 02 Aug 2006
Time: 19:55:45


Hot day. Hot nite. Hot jam. All the protocols of Deadstein were met last nite, much to my delight. The spinning and skating was the icing on Jerry's Birthday cake. BTW, big ackowledgement and appreciation on the new Webpage updates. Brilliant. It really does make a difference

Name: Brotpen
Date: 02 Aug 2006
Time: 21:44:24


The surreal skating feature to the music program was a particular delight.

Name: Trister
Date: 04 Aug 2006
Time: 11:37:03


Thanks for posting, Larry. Ever notice that Yimmy seems a little more interested in us when Michael is around - kinda freaks me out.

Date: 05 Aug 2006
Time: 16:19:43


'Yimmy' he says. Hysterically priceless.

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