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First Set
  • How Sweet It Is
  • Catfish John
  • Positively Fourth Street
  • Row Jimmy
  • Big Boss Man
  • Night They Drove ol Dixie Down
  • Looks Like Rain
  • Lucky ol Sun
  • Midnight Moonlight
  • You Win Again
  • After Midnight

Second Set

  • That's What Love Will Make You Do
  • Golden Road
  • Brothers and Sisters
  • Mason's Children
  • Hard To Handle
  • Friend of the Devil
  • Morning Dew

Next jam is next Monday, July 29, 2002 at Smash Studios A.  A Six Hour Marathon on Monday Night.  Dave's Birthday Show with Terez showing up.

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It was a fun night of Deadstein for me.   It was a very svelt 4-man Deadstein with only me on guitar.  Wow, what fun, at least for me.  So the lineup for the night was me, Rich, Dave on Bass and yes, the return of Scott "Sticks" Gibson on the drums.  Kevin was out-of-town, Andy was signing up for the rest of his life and that left the four of us to rock on.   Look at the picture and remember the old days.

Great to play with Scott playing a billion leads, singing lots of songs and the tiny Dave and Rich.   Lots of fun, many songs and it sounded pretty good.  Got to use the rooms Tiwn, usually reserved for Trister and the thing is good.  Damn impressed with how well we did.  The songs fell apart maybe twice throughout the whole night.   Short of that, it was pretty solid throughout.   Got no tape of it, too bad, cause from my own selfish perspective, I wiish I had the tape.  I use the term tape loosely.

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Till next Monday when we have the room from 6-12.  Let's get the setlist out early.  I'll be taping well so maybe even play a couple songs more than once next week to nail them.  We'll have the time.

General Comments

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Name: Larry G.
Date: 7/24/02
Time: 10:48:15 AM
Remote Name:


How are the new terez CD's? Rich seemed amazed in the car ride home. he was amazed he made it home alive again after experiencing my one knee driving while holding 2 Grays Papaya Hotdogs and changing CDs in my CD player. At least I let him change the batteries before I drve into the Hudson River.

Name: Scott
Date: 7/24/02
Time: 2:13:48 PM
Remote Name:


" Thank You, For A Real Good Time " Had a blast sittin' in with Dave, Rich and the Gind. One thing I don't understand, how in the world did Gind remember the song selection without writing it down?

Name: Larry G
Date: 7/24/02
Time: 6:13:08 PM
Remote Name:


It aint easy remembering all the songs. Did I get all of them?

Name: scott
Date: 7/25/02
Time: 8:57:27 AM
Remote Name:


Not sure about that Big Boss Man? Did we play that?

Name: Rich
Date: 7/25/02
Time: 11:05:13 AM
Remote Name:


I think that Big Boss Man would have been Mr. Charlie.

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