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First Set
  • Don't Ease Me In
  • Bertha
  • Feel Like a Stranger
  • Sugaree
  • Lost Sailor -->
  • Saint of Circumstance
  • Row Jimmy
  • Me and My Uncle
  • Dupree's Diamond Blues
  • She Belongs To Me

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  • Dark Star
  • Crazy Fingers
  • Standing on the Moon

Playing next week is Tuesday

Two New Originals (Early conceptual multitracks so forgive everything and at least my first attempts at writing anything.   What the hell?)

Loud Freaker

After a week with lots of guests, last night all we had was Patrick as a guest.  Though officially not a guest, since being employeed at WW, Patrick is heading out for the western skies and therefore he'll get official guest status as well as a resounding Deadstein best of luck, Mazeltov.  He was one of our biggest supporters and his appreciation of what we do there each week will be missed.

New song written by Dave and I, "Lazy Man Blues" got no mention last night except for complaints about how the Real Audio version emailed to them clogged up their systems.  Sorry to all who that email caused major problems.   In addition, the was the soon to be new hit, "Nothing is Our Fortune" was also included in the email.  It's more of a Dark Bobbyesque songs as opposed to Lazy Man Blues

Writing songs for me is new and was inspired by some new recording equipment I have at home which I want to use.  Speaking of which, I brought my mixer in to see if it could help the vocal, monitoring and taping situation.  It gave us more than 4 inputs, plenty of headrom, options, rooms mics mixed with vacals on the tape.   I'm not sure if it's enough for Deadstein but it's definately better than Kev's 4 track.  At $449 retail, it's an affordable next step if we want to take it because I won't be lugging it in each week.  The tapes have more of a sound board element to them with vocals mixed in with the room..  It really congeals to vocals with the music well, it's less muddy.  We still need a bit more room in the mix and some reverb on the vocals and it would be a real good tape.  I think it is an improvement.

There was also discussion of who uses mics last night because we don't have enough.  I think all those who don't own mics, that is the people who sing should by a mic for themselves to call their own.  They are only $99 each and should be purchased.  They are part of your vocal instrument if you care to sing.  All I know is the four who don't sing (Larry, Johnny, Andy and Kevin) own the mics and the four who sing don't own any.  It's backwards if you get my drift.  In addition, I would like to take my sennheiser home next week.

The beginning of the night was really hot.  We threw in the quick Don't Ease while Kevin mixed the mics and it was well done.  Bertha and Starnager were realxed, discrete, slinky and hot.  We blew the end of the Starnger whip thoug for a five-tenths deductions.  Otherwise it was really good.

Sailor Saint had its flaws but also had it's moments.  Like the previous two songs, it was not rushed but was relaxed.  The Me and My Uncle was right on.  I heard Trister emphasizing he want the Em - B - break between each verse and we went with that religously even though I can't say I wholeheartedly agreed with it.   Nevertheless, who am I to argue with Andy so I went with the flow.

Deliciozo was great, Pizza was fabulous, lots of leftover, the WWI employees must be getting fat.  No I'm wrong, Deadstein must be getting fat because we leftover the salads.  A saw Andy almost loose the Pizza afterwards.  Bloated is the official feeling of Deadstein.

Larry and I both upgraded to Monster guitar cables and Larry raved.   I can't say I heard much of a difference but definately had less buzz going on.

It was a hot day, not rediculous, no traffic.


General Comments

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Name: Scott
Date: 7/21/99
Time: 9:49:20 AM


Great energy last night. I keep hearing that Bertha in my head ..... Just for the record, my friend Tom Dropped by for the 2nd half last night. Kev ,find out if the party is inside or outside? We need as much help as possible knocking down, loading, unloading, setting up, and the treck back into the city after.

Name: larry brent
Date: 7/21/99
Time: 10:35:07 AM


A most enjoyable evening as usual. I'm looking forward to the originals. Somebody send me the files please. I think we should buy a big mixer and mike all the instruments.

Name: Freakboy
Date: 7/21/99
Time: 11:28:36 AM


Whoa!. Are you kidding? Songs 2 through 6 were easily Top 5 All time Deadstein for stretch of 5 songs. The band jumped on that slow Bertha like a hot dog on me leg. I hope those people at the Pos shindig have an idea of what Deadstein is all about because if they don't, then they are in for a mind blowing surprise. Whew. Talk about stepping up and hitting out the big one. I think the band picked up on the David Cone perfect game thing. Patrick has been a staunch supporter of the band and we hope to get him in next week for what looks like his Deadstein finale before he heads off to the sunny environs of Tampa, FLA. Maybe Patrick can make an appearance at the Pos party on the 31st. Go big Deadstein.

Name: Patman
Date: 7/21/99
Time: 11:04:53 PM


Name: Patman
Date: 7/21/99
Time: 11:12:29 PM


Hey guys, what a fantastic night it was last night. Well, Kev, I guess you got exactly what you were looking for in that Bertha, huh? That was smokin!!!! If it does end up to be my finale, I was privelege to one of the best Deadstein nights I've ever heard. I just want to thank all of you guys for providing me with a little escape every week. I really looked forward to hanging out and getting lost in the music every week. That is definitely something I will sorely miss. Don't worry, though, when I come back to visit, I'm gonna be crashing!!!! Thanks again for the many nights of enjoyment you've given me over the past months....Tuesdays will never be the same. Take care and good luck to all.


Date: 7/21/99
Time: 11:19:08 PM


Date: 7/21/99
Time: 11:19:25 PM


Name: Trister
Date: 7/22/99
Time: 4:09:54 PM


Oh where, oh where has my microphone gone? Let me clear this up once and for all....I don't care if it gathers dust waiting for me to use's going to stay in front of ME. It's mine. Get your own. Especially with this new mix on the tapes I want it facing my amp even if that's all it ever picks up. Larry was trying to be nice about it up top but I won't take it anymore. I would love to get a bigger mixer and mike the instruments by the way. PS I'm gonna miss Patrick.

Name: Posman
Date: 7/26/99
Time: 10:26:11 PM


Hey tripster: I'm looking forward to rockin' weekend. Deadstein and Cohen are synonomous with awesome backyard jams and huge cicadas. Johnathan, I'm expecting nothing less than an all-star dance performacne from you this weekend. Take no prisoners. In the immortal words of Steeliemon, 'Rock, rage, RETARD'!!

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