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First Set

  • Cold Rain and Snow

  • Greatest Story Ever Told

  • You Win Again

  • Might as Well

  • Shine on You Crazy Diamonds

  • Welcome to Machine

  • Have a Cigar

  • Wish You Were Here

  • Shine on You Crazy Diamonds

  • A Little Help from my friends

  • Hard to Handle

First Set

  • Waiting for a Miracle

  • Ramble on Rose

  • Weather Report Suite

  • Let it Grow

  • Estimated Prophet

  • He's Gone

  • Brokedown Palace

Upcoming Schedule:

  • Thurs. 7/29/2004, This is the earliest I could play this week. Where we play is anyone's guess. Maybe we should try a weekend jam at Trister's House.

It was back into Carroll's studio 3A for a full Deadstein jam with no guests.  While this wasn't unusual, what was unusual was the fact that this will be our last jam at Carroll's at this 41st Street location.  The building is being torn down as a new hotel will be taking its place.  Carroll's is moving to 55th and 12th and probably a more convenient location from a lack of traffic perspective.  Time will tell with it.  Nevertheless, Carroll's as we know it is gone and will be opening in a different location in a month and a half.  It will probably be a better studio from a sound perspective and if it is and the rooms are modern and built for sound, Carroll's may turn to be the perfect studio.  In the meantime we are stuck in the middle of summer with scheduling difficulties and currently no where to jam.  I suggest during this 2 week hiatus between jams we try to organize a Trister weekend jam.  Whatever, we will survive and thrive, some how.

We definitely had some good jams and doing all the songs of the Wish You Were Here album.  The He's Gone collapsed by the end, then we did the Brokedown Palace in honor of the closing of Carroll's and we were out 15 minutes early.

It poured out during the way into the city.  There were several areas in southern, NJ that dams broke at, it rained so hard.  I ate at the Fresco Taco clone and had a couple of  steak fajitas that I ate in the studio.  Hopefully we find a new Fresco Taco in front the new Carroll's on 55th Street.

Till next "to be determined."

General Comments

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Name: Coffee
Date: 7/14/2004
Time: 8:23:09 PM
Remote Name:


Which One Is Pink?

Name: Larry G.
Date: 7/15/2004
Time: 6:23:25 AM
Remote Name:


Thanks for the recording and posting Coffee. I appreciate it as always.

Name: tbanjo
Date: 7/16/2004
Time: 9:03:19 AM
Remote Name:


Goodnight Carroll's; you prince of the city. Rock on Deadstein.

Name: Brotpen
Date: 7/16/2004
Time: 10:52:08 AM
Remote Name:


Today on the "Deadstein Slot Machine", I got 3 Andys. Does that entitle me to anything?

Name: Larry G
Date: 7/16/2004
Time: 12:57:46 PM
Remote Name:


Wow, got three Tristers in a in a row, I was losing faith that it was possible. Pretty cool. For that, you get to pick the first song in the next time we do round robin. Congrats.

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