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First Set
  • Touch of Grey
  • Throwing Stones
  • Built To Last (x)
  • Like a Rolling Stone
  • Minglewood Blues
  • Lazy River Road
  • Uncle John's Band

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  • Times They are a Changin'
  • Just Like Tome Thumb Blues

Playing next week is Tuesday

There's more to the set list but so little to remember.  Week of the new book took some getting used to.  It's negative will eventually wear off.

The Joy of Freak
General Comments

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Date: 6/13/99
Time: 11:23:43 AM



Name: Don
Date: 6/14/99
Time: 4:50:00 PM


I am guessing that there is no interest in playing at my house in August since I have not seen even one peep from anyone in the band regarding August 21st. Thats cool, although I am dis-appointed. If I am missing something, please feel free to post your remarks here, but at this point I will consider it cancelled due to no interest from DeadStein to leave their basement.


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