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First Set
  • Alabama Getaway -->
  • Promised Land
  • It Must Have Been the Roses
  • Let It Rock
  • Like a Road
  • Like a Rolling Stone
  • Built to Last
  • After Midnight
  • Brother Esau

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  • Estimated Prophet -->
  • Eyes of the Maker
  • Stella Blue
  • Sugar Magnolia
  • Wharf Rat -->
  • Other One
  • Liberty

Next jam is next Monday June 6, 2005 and it is confirmed.

The entire band was back together for a week just a couple of days after the Coffee-fest on the Gisland.  We were back in Carroll's with no one there to hear us but our very lonesomes and Little Jimmy.

You would think that after playing so long on Memorial Day that we would be basking in the glory of our party gig and not really focused on playing good music.  The truth couldn't be further than that.  From the first note of Getaway it felt as if we were well rehearsed and in good for as opposed to sick of each other.  The drums seemed tighter than usual and the rest of us seemed to play with quiet confidence.

We were able to get in lots of Garcia Band that we missed at Mitch's party.  This included the very original Estimated --> Eyes (of the Maker).  An they were pretty good.  Some of the better moments of the night.  I thought the Wharf Rat and it's 3/4 vocal party was done better than usual. We had structural problems in the Esau and the Like a Rolling Stone.  While not perfect, most of the music was very good and lots of fun to play.  Can't wait for next Monday.

General Comments

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Date: 03 Jun 2005
Time: 11:56:54


One might notice an rare tone of pure satisfaction and pos in TheGind's write-up this week, opposed to his usual tongue-in-cheek cynicism. One might then deduce how really freakin' good things are in Deadstein of late, by the fact that even TheGind can't be 'cute' in his posting. The glorious truth of Deadstein's affirmative might compels, even TheGind, to boast of our success and his happiness about it. I too, share in his joy and relish every aspect of Deadstein's goodness. I acknowledge and appreciate all the many freaky parts that make-up the whole fragile, complex and beautiful organism that is Deadstein. I implore you all to cherish the place we are at, and revel in every second of it. We deserve this level of pleasure and greatness in our lives. G-d bless us. Long Live Deadstein

Name: Brotpen
Date: 05 Jun 2005
Time: 20:12:00


The harmonies on Like A Road are freakin' awesome. I think we're on to something pretty spectacular with the 4-part harmonies.

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