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First Set
  • Mississippi Halfstep
  • Tennessee Jed
  • China Cat Sunflower
  • I Know You Rider
  • Let it Grow
  • Casey Jones
  • Brown-Eyed Women
  • Shakedown Street

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  • Help on the Way -->
  • Slipknot!
  • Franklin's Tower
  • Comes a Time
  • Uncle John's Band
  • Reubin and Cherise
  • Fly Like and Eagle
  • Mission the Rain
  • Box of Rain

Next jam is next Sunday May 29 at Coffee Boy's in , 3-whenever and it is confirmed weather permitting

The entire band was back together for a week.  Good to hear us a s a group.  Andy brought his Ibanez back as he is trying to get that tone he had before he went with the Bolt.  Scott finished with singing the Box of Rain.  We Want Scott! We Want Scott.  Guest in the room were Mitch's friend Merrill and Scott and they really seemed to dig us while we were there and we played well for them.
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