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First Set
  • Let the Good Times Roll
  • Same Thing
  • Row Jimmy
  • Ballad of a Thin Man
  • Loose Lucy
  • Greatest Story Ever Told
  • To Lay Me Down
  • Deep Elem Blues
  • Althea

Second Set

  • Aiko-Aiko
  • Deal
  • Hell in a Bucket
  • Terrapin Station -->
  • Back Into Plain' in the Band
  • The Other One
  • It's All Over Now Baby Blue

Playing next week is Thursday.


It takes a lot to laugh, it takes a freak to cry

Another great week of well coordinated Deadstein.  The music is just going too well.  There were no guests and everyone was there but Rich.  Dave was a little late but due to a well timed and organized Deliciozo order placed by the Freaky-Waitress-Boy, we got lots of playing in and virtually all of it was great.  Knicks take a 2-0 lead in their series with Atlanta. Mets take 2 in a double header and the Yankee's, well who cares?

The music was really strong once again.  Not too loud and busy.   Lots of listening and the dividends payed off with some quality stuff.  I was feeling good and all prepared.  I introduced the draft version of the Jerry Garcia Songbook, Release 4.0 beta and got some good tips from Kevin on how to improve the Gindoff syntax.  For the record, Scott, Larry, Andy and Kevin gave me $25 for printing the book.  Actually Kevin gave me $20 and will pay $5 more upon delivery.  I anticipated having it for next Thursday.  I was also warmed up by my extensive bongo/egg practice I had in the car on the way over.  That really got me warmed up for the drums I played during the Aiko and Deal. 

Highlights of the evening include a super well played Bucket, very well times and accentuated.  The Greatest Story was also very well played.   Larry pulled off a classic To Lay Me Down lead.  The music was great.   There are so many good things about what and how we play.

The weather was beautiful once again.  A perfect Thursday evening.  Looking forward to some of the up coming summer jams.  Wilten, Conn and Syossette, NY. 

Absolute Power freaks and Absolute Freaks Power.  Deadstein Rules!!!

General Comments

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Name: Steele
Date: 5/20/99
Time: 1:05:22 PM


You dudes are the balls! I'd kill to hear a Deadstein Bucket right now! Keep jamming and woofing. Freak Boy rules!!

Date: 5/21/99
Time: 10:43:58 AM


Yeah, it is true that there are so many good things about what and how we play that it is mind boggling. Believe it or not, right now I am listening to a sick He's Gone Jam from DP's 13, and besides it being what God probably sounds like, it is proof that the 1000+ collective shows we've seen have paid-off. The basic elements of what they did, is what we do...and fairly well. The University of Touring was the best education we could get. This weeks "Thin Man" is a prime example. The groove (fabricated on the spot by us) was deep and profound. It took me right out of my body and kept me floating well above reality for a well deserved sabbatical (if I could only get it to last for a week or so). The freakiest thing is that "Thin Man" is not a spacey/jam song. It's a Dylan/Bathroom song for crying-out-loud. Hats off to my Drumming Buddies for co-crafting such a spiritual platform for the rest of the Kind kids to play on - and those Kind kids did. TheGind has been spooking me with his scary-genuine Bobbyisims, I thought there was a piano in the room (no offense). L.L.Brent & Trister are like The Wild Samoans in a tag-team match. Just as one of them lays you out on the mat, the other one tags-in and pummels you against the ropes. It the most enjoyable beating you could ever get. More I say, more.

Just to reiterate, there is an unconfirmed Deadstein Summer '99 Tour schedule. Here it is in print, hopefully this will help get it confirmed: July 31, 1999 Laura & Ian Pos's House, Syosset NY August 3?, 1999 Scotty's Sister-in-Law's House, ? CT August ?, 1999 Donny Hutcher's House, Natick MA September 14?, 1999 Bachelor Party, North NJ

Name: Larry G.
Date: 5/21/99
Time: 3:28:41 PM


It was a hot Greatest Story. It was crispy.

Name: Steele
Date: 5/23/99
Time: 12:35:01 PM


Deaedstein Tour!!! Yippeeeee!! I'll carry the tanks - I'll bring the vibes!! My summer is looking much crispier now and it's all to Deadstein. ROCK BABY!!

Name: Larry B
Date: 5/24/99
Time: 9:21:30 PM


I'm finally back online, what withdrawl. Well let me say I'm glad I did tape cause I've listened to it twice or more. What interplay, what dynamic, how subtle yet powerful. This is what I'm looking for in Deadstein and boy did we have it last thursday

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