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First Set
  • Let it Rock
  • Think
  • Tore Up
  • When I Paint My Masterpiece

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  • Touch of Grey
  • Greatest Story Ever Told
  • Ramble on Rose
  • Passenger
  • West LA Fadeaway
  • Cats Down Under the Stars
  • Hard to Handle
  • Ship of Fools
  • Truckin
  • Crazy Fingers
  • All Along the Watch Tower
  • When Push Comes to Shove
  • Wharf Rat
  • Werewolves of London

Next jam is next Tuesday May 2, 2006 and it is confirmed.

"A week without the Gind, hopefully someone was there to tell about it."  Well that was the story before the night began, but the The Gind substitute couldn't make it.  So I cruised from my meeting and was in my car by 8:15 and was in the studio just after 9.  Walking in when the Masterpeice was lacking my touch, so I was told.  The night was fun for me.  I think the Ship of Fools was good, Watchtower and Passenger.  Trister's bud, Jayson was there again with his girl on the cell line listening in from afar, so maybe an audience of 2.  Not bad though.
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