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First Set
  • Morning Dew
  • Dark Star
  • St Stephen
  • The Other One
  • Dark Star
  • Help on the Way
  • Slipknot!
  • Franklin's Tower
  • Friend of the Devil
  • Music Never Stopped

Second Set

  • Baet It On Down the Line (5)
  • Box of Rain
  • Catfish John
  • Sugar Magnolia

Next jam and scheduled for next Monday May 5, 2003 at Smash Studios R with MiniT and No Trister

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We were in Smash Studios R for the umteenth time in a row.  It was a night of no guests except for our guest drummer, Stagger Lee who sat in for a vacationing Coffee-Boy.  The music felt pretty darn good throughout the whole night and pretty impressive feat.  The sound was nice and contained also until Kevin got hit but one of Andy's Mutron bombs during Catfish John and that was the end of him. 

I think we may have done an additional song or two but I cannot remember.  Setup for the recording and take down went very smoothly, I got to thank Kevin for that.

For knowledge sake, the recording setup was: Drive A "4-29-03- ject #0"

  1. Trister Vocal
  2. Larry Vocal
  3. Brotpen Vocal
  4. N/A
  5. N/A
  6. N/A
  7. Trister Guitar
  8. Gindoff Guitar
  9. Kick
  10. Snare (Shure SM 57)
  11. Overhead Left
  12. Overhead Right
  13. Keys
  14. Bass Mic

I got to eat Mexican C-5 with Kevin before the jam. It was a bit swampier than usual but I feel fine at the moment.  I had no traffic but Lee and Trister got caught up in an accident on the West Side causing them to be a bit late.  Till next Monday.

General Comments

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Name: Trister
Date: 4/30/03
Time: 6:57:30 PM
Remote Name:


Thanks for the discs from 4/22 Larry...some very enjoyable stuff! Ripping hot Deadstein for the most part.

Date: 5/1/03
Time: 9:21:01 AM
Remote Name:


TheGind is the hardest working man in the freak business. Thanks.

Appreciation and acknowledgement to StaggerLee for the clutch fill in. It's always good to play with him, even if it's not in the stairwell.

Deadstein continues to evolve, confound, defy, excel, punish, reward, satisfy, and be freaky. Amen to that.



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