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First Set
  • Tangled Up in Blue
  • Loser
  • That's Alright Mama
  • They Love Each Other
  • Ramble on Rose
  • Help on the Way -> 
  • Slipknot->
  • Franklins Tower
  • It's All Over Now Baby Blue
  • Cumberland Blues
  • Music Never Stopped
  • Bertha
  • Thrill is Gone

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  • Jack Straw
  • Beat it on Down the Line (6)
  • Cassidy
  • Johnny B. Goode

Next jam is next Tuesday, March 28, 2000.  

Kevy was away and the freaks still play.  My Carpetstein buddies, John and Michael were there to experience what some of us take for granted and I appreciate everyone indulgence and kindness with it all.  With Michael in town to promote the Larry Keel Experience, we had some extra-curricula activity.  It made for some very kind music.  Unfortunately, Andy left to catch the early train.  With Scott's ailing shoulder I ended up drumming the entire second set and with stood the pressure for the most part.  Without me drumming, we had some nice moments.  Bertha was really good, Love Each Other was solid as a rock.   Ramble on Rose had some nice builds from mellowness.  Andy had problems with plugging his in in his out for the first few songs.  Johnny had a nice sun peal from Florida.

We had a typical Delicizo order and the best to speak of was the cucumber.  It was chili and bluster out but nothing to complain about.  

That's about it for now.  Till next Tuesday.

General Comments

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Name: Trister
Date: 3/23/00
Time: 9:22:09 AM


Well I caught the 10:07; got home before 11:30 and could'nt fall asleep. Serves me right. If you're going to jam, then jam to the end. Or as I was telling Johnny on the way out, if you're going to sing the song, sing the damn song. Speaking of which Might as Well is missing from the list; Larry's probably trying to tell me something. It was actually pretty good.

I'm worried about my amp.

Name: Larry G.
Date: 3/23/00
Time: 2:35:07 PM


Actually without a written setlist, it's amazing I know any of the songs we played. I'm sure they are in the wrong order. I also liked the Might As Well, except for the beginning. We were caught on a nice treadmill in trying to close it that we couldn't get off of. I thought Andy sang it pretty well, and it's like he said, if you're gonna sing it then sing it, and it would have sounded a lot better. In the same token, if that means anything, Michael, the guy that played a little bass, was very impressed with Larry's singing, so I wanted to pass that along to bolster some of Larry's confidence. In addition, I also missed mentioning the Wang Dang Doodle which opened the second set. Finally, I thought the Help -> Slip was better than should have been expected. I give Dave lots of credit for that.

Name: Larry G.
Date: 3/23/00
Time: 2:36:29 PM


We also did an Althea in the second set. When you look at it now, we played quite a few songs.

Name: dave
Date: 3/24/00
Time: 12:07:36 AM


thanks larry g

Date: 3/25/00
Time: 3:56:23 PM


You know i never realized what a great bass player dave really is

Name: Larry G.
Date: 3/27/00
Time: 1:50:18 PM


If you are every jamming somewhere but WWI but you don't have your song book, what do you do. Until now, you played Not Fade Away for 30 minutes but I recently started posting the song book on for our convenience. It's currently posted through "R." You can get to it from the bottom of any page or go directly to Enjoy the book, I'm able to add more to this than to the paper version due to the lack of physical constraints. If anyone has improvements, additional songs, whatever, let me know and I will post them.

Date: 3/27/00
Time: 1:53:01 PM


A mistake was made, the real address to get to the song book is: Sorry for any inconvenience

Name: larry brent
Date: 3/27/00
Time: 6:56:27 PM


Is it Tuesday yet?

Name: Trister
Date: 3/28/00
Time: 8:49:47 AM


The Dave Nelson Band will appear at the Lion's Den (214 Sullivan Street) on Thurs. 4/20. He's no Larry Keel, but he's pretty damn good.

Name: Freakboy
Date: 3/28/00
Time: 9:03:09 AM


It is Tuesday. The David Nelson Band will also be performing at the Mexicali Blues Cafe in Teaneck, New Jersey on Saturday, April 15th. Make your reservations now. Big night tonight. I can feel it.



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