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Playing next week is Tuesday then the following Monday, the week of Pesach.  Unleavened Freaks Reclining and consuming bitter herbs.

Hell's Freaks
The big surprised was pulled off by Allison and the rest of Kevin's family.  They got Deadstein out of the hole in the ground in which we dwell into the Harley Davidson Cafe on Sixth Avenue.  It's the sort of place a tired Hell's Angel likes to wet his whistle after and long do of doing whatever they do.  I wonder if they tip the washroom attendants?

Deadstein could learn a thing or two about how to jam in a place like that.   With a bar just over our right shoulder, food just an arm length and a toothpick away and when that time comes, someone who will wipe your ass for a buck.  It's fun to play out at a party even when you can't. Deadstein and Kevin proved it.  We had fun, enjoyed Kevin's birthday with his family and friends saw lots of people come for the occasions.  Most with new kids may I add.The Haley Davidson Cafe on 6th Avenue

The whole experience was a lot of work.  Scott has a lot of stairs and we have a lot of heavy amps.  Speakers are cake!  The stupid music stands and guitar stands were more of a hassle than the speakers.  The move in and out of the cafe wasn't the greatest either with the cramped elevator over utilized by the cafe staff.  Luckily we had the side door exit on the way out.  That helped a lot.  We just beat the rain for the unload because by my ride home it was a downpour.   Lots of traffic to boot.  Got to Scott's at 9:30 left around 5:30 got home at 7:15.  Too pooped to work on Monday.

Music was good, I was pleased how nice the PA sounded.  We were obviously too loud for a crowd like that and we obviously had no regard for them from that perspective but it was Kevin's party so when in Rome.  You know the rest.


The music was loud but moving, and those that could plug into our energy got a jolt out of us.  Those that couldn't plug into it, well, let them eat cake, and they did. (P.S. For you web watchers, there is a special hidden track 10 on our first CD saying . Now, That's Happy saying "Happy birthday Kevin" don't try to play it backwards because it says "Brrrrp")

Gene came up for his standard Suspicious Minds which he does so well.  We have to figure out a song for him to do with us.  I remember so many times going through the experience of Gene rummaging through the book not finding any songs and so forth. Defaulting to a Not Fade Away.  He did it well although he over tweaked the sound system a bit for its worse moment of the night.
Must Be in The Front Row

We were stopped by a singing ape that didn't sing.  He should have come on the stage and earned his money.  The cafe staff seemed to really like us.  One of the waiters, the one pushing the spicy Mexican chicken things, said he really like our drumming.  There's one for the rhythm section.  I had trouble hearing Andy a bit through the night.  He seemed a bit subdued.

Hope you all had fun and aren't too busy to do some of your own posting celebrating some of the great moments of the afternoon.  Special thanks to Allison and Gail for making it all happen.




General Comments

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Name: Larry B (Guest Reporter)
Date: 3/22/99
Time: 8:33:00 PM


Where to start. The first Deadstein outing in a long long time was a tremendous success. Our first outing with Trister. A suprise for Kevy's 35th birthday at the Harley Davidson Cafe in Midtown. A long morning preceding begins at 9AM at WWI. SG & LB are joined by Brotman, Dave and the Gind and we are loading up the U Haul. By 10:30 we are heading Uptown and begin the load-in. The room is a nice private party room or two in the basement and we set up on a little stage facing the buffet. Johnny and Trister show after much of the work is done, but the PA goes up smoothly and everything is working great. Many old friends arrive: Donnie,Gino, Fortgang, Andrew, Laura Cohen, Mitch, STEELE, and many more I'm forgetting at the moment. Nice crowd, many of our oldest friends. So, Kevy arrives to much adulation, meets and greets for a while and then we get down to business. Shakedown opener. Nice jam, good dynamics, a solid start. Nice Masterpiece follows, then Althea, a Kevy Favorite. Then Gino takes the stage to join us for a rendition of Suspicious Minds, and boy can he put our singing to shame. Now down to business: Cassidy was furious. After some debate, we dump the Birdsong and the rest of the list for some requests. First Uncle John's>Sugaree. Both Big, but the Sugaree was especially tight and hot. A Scarlet>Music follows also equally good. Then Gino returns for a NFA encor which I have a feeling may not make it to disc and will have to be released at a later date. A very successful outing, MSG here we come.

Name: Scott (Parrish)
Date: 3/22/99
Time: 9:26:51 PM


Where was Dennis and Riley when we needed them..... Actually we pulled this off just fine. I can't believe nobody blew the whistle. Thanks to everyone for there help in getting all of the gear up,out,in,out,down,in,set up, up,out,in,out,down... Now if we could get ourselves motivated again tommorrow maybe we could get in a set or two. It was great to see all of Kev's Family, extended family, & friends. Thank You Allison, for having Deadstein play at Kev's 35th. A great time was had by ALL. You could arrange for us to play there anytime, Thanks Again.... Can't wait to make a copy of the tape.

Name: dave s
Date: 3/22/99
Time: 11:00:46 PM


so much to say.......first big kudos to alison for a well planned and orchestrated plan...included face painting for the kids...BRILLIANT!!!!..THANKS AL....Next....without a doubt what ever ingredients are stirred into the deadstein caldron one thing remains constant when we are on, we are really on....and we were....the jamming was absolutely great...i love playing in this band.......

as for kevin my playfully antithetic as well symbiotic clown photo negative clown friend....i really love you, love playing with you and hope to for many birthdays to come.

Name: Useless Trister
Date: 3/23/99
Time: 10:13:30 AM


Happy birhtday Kev. I would like to officially apologize for my lack of help with the equipment. Having been in a gigging band for seven years I truly know the lameness of my inactivity. I will double down for the next one. I may have sounded subdued, Larry...but I was having a great time. Thank to all who moved my shit..

Name: Useless Trister
Date: 3/23/99
Time: 10:13:41 AM


Happy birhtday Kev. I would like to officially apologize for my lack of help with the equipment. Having been in a gigging band for seven years I truly know the lameness of my inactivity. I will double down for the next one. I may have sounded subdued, Larry...but I was having a great time. Thank to all who moved my shit..

Name: CoffeeBoy
Date: 3/23/99
Time: 11:59:06 AM


Wow, You guys should consider playing G Dead more often, The levels were great! The Band sounded real good and groovin. It was a pleasure to be out front and listen. Drums were right on, guitars were in tune and sounded great, Bass.....Amazing, Vocals were even good. I think this was a great start to a lot of Playing out? My son Jake loved the whole experience, it was a good introduction to live mucic and he was talking about it all night! Not bad for a three year old!

Kevin Happy B-day I hope you enjoyed, I think that I acually saw you smile once!

Later MM

Name: Don
Date: 3/24/99
Time: 11:45:06 AM


When Worlds Collide....At one point the band was flying and Kevin's mother came up to say something to him. The incongruity of DeadStein jamming and Kevin talking to his mom shook me for a moment. I thnk the Gind experienced it with me in a rare moment of kismit. Anyway, the sound in the pit was excellent and I loved the show. The plans are underway to re-create that in my backyard, or I might see if I can rent a basement somewhere. You guys seem to do your best work in subterranean environments.


Name: Larry G
Date: 3/24/99
Time: 1:48:34 PM


I did notice the moment of Kevin and his Mom talking during a song. I could tell the battle Kevin's mind plays on him. I also noticed that aspect with Dylan as Kevin was worrying about playing to loud to hurt him while playing too loud that it hurt him. Those worlds also collided when we were just about to start when Kevin thanks everyone for coming and then said and now you must suffer through this. A suffer they did because there was no escape from the ubuqitous Deadstein. Looking forward to Baked-Bean Deadstein. Do it up Hutch!

Name: Paul
Date: 3/26/99
Time: 1:37:20 PM


Zoey loved the Sugaree. Then she requested Casey Jones. Where did she get that from? She only wanted to know where Jerry was. You guys are the other ones.

Name: Heinrich Weber
Date: 2/14/2004
Time: 3:58:43 PM


I have the idea of open a HD cafe or bar in Thailand. What is the requirement

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