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First Set
  • Don't Ease Me In
  • Walkin' Blues
  • Loser
  • Me & My Uncle->
  • Big River
  • West L.A. Fadeaway
  • Minglewood Blues
  • To Lay Me Down
Second Set
  • Scarlet Begonias->
  • Estimated Prophet->
  • Eyes of the World->
  • The Other One->
  • Wharf Rat

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Freakiness Makes the Heart Grow Fonder
  • First official day of Dave rejoining the fold  for the creased Menaker.  For the first night it sounded pretty darn good.  Highlighted by the excellent Uncle->River transition and good stuff during the Scarlet.
  • Freakboy was in Florida and didn't show.  There was no spill in the house.   The only guests were Scott's friend Lougie and Rich R.
  • I got there just in time to park and catch Rick B. on his way to the Bens order.   the second week in a row for that sham of a deli.
First Set Comments:
  • The Don't Ease was forgettable
  • The Walkin Blues was very groovy, Bobby Sherman style.
  • Loser was nice and soft and well done.  Kevin let Larry B. start the song.   Actually that has been a plot Larry B. has been working at for months.
  • The Me and Uncle was pretty good.  It had tempo but wasn't rushed.  The transition was very solid.
Eating Comments:
  • We had a prejam Bens snack of hot dogs and microwaved, soggy kinishes.
  • Din-O-Mat was the main course.  Cheese burgers, steak sandwiches and quessadilla's werethe order of the day.  Fries in the bag were good.  No onion rings to be had but we had dessert of apple pie al a mode.  That was the best thing.  They had no Peppers only coke.  OVerall, not a good food night.
Second Set Comments:
  • Scarlet was good from the perspective that some of the drumming really sounded good.
  • Beautiful Inside and Out.  Warmer than usual, thanks to El Nino.   The Lava light is still burnt out
General Comments

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Name: dave s
Date: 2/11/98
Time: 3:42:42 AM


i especially enjoy the scarlet(thanks scott for letting me do the break) and the loser. it feels great to be back...please be patient while i regain my chops, stamina and knowledge of the would be really helpful if someone canbring me a couple recent tapes. peace and love...dave s

Date: 2/11/98
Time: 9:19:24 AM


Peace and Love ?!?...Anyway...The groovacity index is quite high, and that makes me happy. The first set was startling in it's thick & heavy movement. Nothing wrong with that. Freakboy missed the jam, in spite of his responsible phone call to me, from Florida, expressing his true desire, and plan to make the jam. That made me sad.

Name: Larry G.
Date: 2/12/98
Time: 8:52:21 PM


Based on Kevin's request, I recorded this week's real audio highlights in stereo. Can anyone tell? Just wondering.

Name: Larry B
Date: 2/12/98
Time: 11:32:28 PM


A nice solid week to welcome Dave S back to the fold. My highlights were the Loser, very big. We did seem to suffer a few first set slow downs. The second set was where it all came together. Big Scarlet, Phat Estimated, Suprisingly good Eyes, Rousing Other One ( but why does Kevy keep us waiting for those Phil Bombs ) and a very nice Wharf Rat to close. A very solid evening.

Name: Larry B
Date: 2/12/98
Time: 11:34:23 PM


Stereo sounds better

Date: 2/13/98
Time: 1:18:17 PM


Name: Larry G.
Date: 2/13/98
Time: 5:04:26 PM


I'm going with Larry B. to see him feature in the Steve Fassman Band, or SFB for short. Actually around the spades table at work SFB means "Shit For Brains". Nevertheless this weird set of circumstances would make even Sigmund Freud take up another profession. Maybe Dentistry?

I don't know what I'm saying?

Name: Jack
Date: 2/15/98
Time: 10:33:12 PM


the stereo does make a difference on the real audio. It is worth the extra effort. Thanks, Larry.

Name: Rich B
Date: 2/16/98
Time: 11:25:40 AM


I'm sure I'm missing the obvious, but what do I click on to get this weeks real audio highlights? Also, this page has an element that requires something called "octet plug in" which doesn't have a Mac equivalent. Otherwise, the page seems to work fine on my computer. Later.

Name: Larry G.
Date: 2/16/98
Time: 11:23:21 PM


Rich: I doesn't work with Netscape that I have ssen. You need both Microsoft Intent Explorer and Real Audio 5.0. Look at the home page for a link on where to download the real audio.

Name: Larry G.
Date: 2/28/98
Time: 12:30:31 AM


We are the coolest aren't we. We never mess up because we are freaky and cool and our page is the best!!!!

Name: Andy
Date: 2/28/98
Time: 5:11:16 PM


Sure the boy took his chance to break loose and walk down the rails taht fateful dawn. But he never expected to find the answer to his dreams : an understanding guitar teacher. It was on the tracks that he met the amazing old man who taught him all about the blues

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