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kf012600.jpg (50485 bytes) First Set
  • Mississippi Halfstep
  • El Paso
  • Mister Charlie

L_secondset.gif (6157 bytes)

  • Shakedown Street
  • Tom Thumb Blues
  • The Love Each Other
  • Throwing Stones
  • Touch of Grey
  • Jack Straw
  • Ramble on Rose
  • ? Neil Young Song
  • Honky Tonk Woman
  • Playin' in the Band
  • Box of Rain

Next jam is next Tuesday, February 1, 2000.  

Kevin really got the setlist backwards this week because the ? Neil Young Song doesn't belong in the second set but in the trash.   All truth aside.  It was a freaky week as they all tend to be. If nothing else, that is our montra.  There was no Trister as he decided to visit the Washington after a pretty bad snow storm.  I assume he was drinking brandy and snowboarding down Caiptol Hill.  To fill in, Ken, or as I call him, Tefillin-Ken, arrived for much of the second set.  Michael B. was also there for a listen and twirl as he's getting ready to push his Larry Keel Experience on us all.  Check out the page I set up for that with real audio examples of this bluegrass band.  Remember, he's playing Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.  Michael got there a bit late and only caught the later chasari.

Larry had his new and improved Sennheiser microphone and that whole PA thing seems to keep getting better.   Kevin put a nice touch on it.  Johnny's doing his singing thing and enjoying it.   Bom-Bom-Booms to the jam.  There seem to be a plethora of microphones in the room.  Johnny thinks Larry was perturbed by his antics during the latter mischigos, but it was probably my drumming and Dave's guitar playing.  But hey we were jamming after a freaky halftime, Tefillin-Ken was fillining with some good grooves havin' fun and there it is.  You give a little you take a little.  My drumming was damn good at times.  Just a reminder, Scott get into the Playin'-10, It's there, it's the truth. Believe in it.   Don't forget, don't get lazy when you do it.  Get into it, it's something worth getting into, besides, it's your responsibility.

My highlights were the Love Each Other, Tom Thumb, Straw and   Honky Tonk Woman.  My sound was never worse as I get sucked into some horrible squeeling of my uncontrolable devices.  My greatest apologies for all those near.    Something's not right in there.  Yeah, I know Kevin, it's me.  I actually had some cool slide sounds coming out during the Tom Thumb.  I guess I have to break a thound eggs to make a two egg omlette.

We had Pizza and stuff, apparently there were some messed up items but my salad was Deiliciozo.  It was cold shortly after the bad snow.  Actually not too bad.  I assume we'll be hit worse soon.

Till next Tuesday when everything's gonna be the same.


General Comments

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Name: dave s
Date: 1/28/00
Time: 5:43:01 AM


hmmmph !!!....well i definately did have a good time...what ever that means-------hey was that johnny or yoko ono in argyle?----john and i saw the larry keel exp last night, and for those of you who will attend tonight, you're in for a treat, some excellent musicianship, espec. the mandolin and the mandolin-guitar interchange as well as some reall good violin accompanyment and not only that but the bass player is cute and she has a great voice--what more could you ask !!!---we had katz's before the show and i have a pastrami lining for my intestine that should last a week...freak out.

Name: Freakboy
Date: 1/28/00
Time: 10:51:17 AM


Dave and I did the Larry Keel experience last night. Unfortunately, the banjo player is sick and he did not make the trip from Virgina. But don't let that stop you from checking out the mandolin player and the acoustic guitar player (Larry Keel). They are bluegrass virtuosos. Everytime I see and hear bluegrass musicians I am blown away by their technical precision. They are gurus of their kraft. The Katz's was phenomenal. I was there about three weeks ago when they were not serving corned beef (it was over-salted). So this time the sandwich maker made it up to me with an extra special lean corned beef on club. It was hot and great. But how about those french fries with gravy? Mmmmmm. Anyhow, at the risk of cluttering up this space with verbal diarrhea, tonight is a big night in the freaky life of Freakboy. We got the Penn Quakers coming in to town to face the Lions of Columbia on Columbia University campus on the upper west side at 7:30 pm. We got Davenport vs. Hingis live on ESPN from down under at 9:30 pm. We got the Blue Floyd group at the Bottom Line (showtimes at 7:30 pm and 10:30 pm) playing Pink Floyd songs with a blues influence. We got the Larry Keel group playing three sets at The Gin Mill (442 Amsterdam Ave.) starting at 10 pm. Whoa!! I hope to see y'all out there somewhere. Last night, Michael was working hard, making sure the event went smoothly. He appreciated our support. I bought a Larry Keel CD. Get into me. I didn't get the one with the Star Trek theme on it though. So, if any of you purchase one, please get the one with the Star Trek theme.

That's it for now.

Be freaky today. Be more freaky tomorrow.


Name: Trister
Date: 1/28/00
Time: 11:13:06 AM


I'm going to LKE tonight. Is anybody else?

Name: Freakboy
Date: 1/28/00
Time: 12:36:01 PM


Freakboy is going to LKE tonight. And he is thrilled that Trister is going. Freakboy might be late though. He wants to see that Davenport/Hingis match on tv (9:30 pm start time) in between attending the Penn/Columbia game and the LK Experience. Whew!

Name: Steele
Date: 1/28/00
Time: 1:05:56 PM


John, I'll kill you! I want you to make sure the Trister is well taken care of. This is the guy w/ the majic guitar. If I see you care about a davenport/fuckus over the trister - I'll fly down - pull your vocal cords out yer ass- and strangle you with your new mic cord. Do the right thing - rage w/ trister. Steele

Name: Trister
Date: 1/28/00
Time: 2:21:14 PM


Steele rules.

Name: paul pos
Date: 1/28/00
Time: 3:40:58 PM



Name: dave s
Date: 1/28/00
Time: 9:22:48 PM


excuse me... by the you two land there won't be anything left of the little fuck...lets hope his dental records are in order---in fact i may do him in just for refering to himself in the third person----dave is getting very mad, dave doesnt know what to do with his anger----freakboy my ass..."fuckhead" is more appropriate !!!

Name: Trister
Date: 1/29/00
Time: 8:58:28 PM


very bitter, dave.

Name: DAVE
Date: 1/31/00
Time: 12:32:36 AM


just call me simon kirke 'cause that damn pack mentality must have gotten the better of me....sorry john

Name: larry brent
Date: 1/31/00
Time: 7:59:34 PM


The Larry Keel Experience Live @ Mexicali Blues in Teaneck, NJ 1/29/00

Let me say that seeing this group in one of their first NYC area appearance was really a treat. From the gentle hills of Virginia comes this new group with a very unique sound.

Larry Keel on guitar and vocals, a former winner of the Telluride Bluegrass Flat-Picking contest, this guy is amazing. His voice is bit like Leon Redbone; he delivers his lyrics in a gruff and authentic style. His guitar playing is superb, fast, exciting and very melodic. On Mandolin was Jason Krekel also a superb and tasty player. He and Larry really get it cooking together. Rounding out this night’s trio was the lovely and capable Jenny Keel who sang like and angel and played a really steady bass. Our group is usually a quartet but the banjo player, Will Lee had to stay home due to illness. How do I describe these guys? For starters, they are a group of very down to earth folks who love the music that they make? This group defies classification but I will give it a shot. All the elements of traditional Bill Monroe style bluegrass are present. Intricate melodies foot stomping tempos, and great lyrics that were a real treat to hear. But wait there’s more going on here. These guys are flying high and boy does their music soar; very improvisational; it flows and has a logical sequence. There is tremendous interplay of themes and musical ideas with lots of development and recapitulation. There is a bit of “grateful deadness” about this group but their combination of bluegrass and jamming create a very unique and special musical experience. Like a rollercoaster, they dip and soar, glide and fly all over the place. See this group if you get the chance, if you like them half as much as I did you will be very satisfied, and if you like them as much as me, you will be most blown away.

Thanks guys and please come back to NY soon.


Name: flameman
Date: 3/6/03
Time: 3:40:26 PM


have you for

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