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First Set
  • Uncle John's Band
  • Let it Rock
  • Looks Like Rain
  • Think
  • Candyman
  • El Paso
  • Senor
  • Doin That Rag
  • Eyes of the Maker
  • Might as Well

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  • And it Stoned Me
  • Deep Elem Blues
  • Monkey Song
  • Lucky ol Sun
  • Crazy Fingers
  • Sugar Magnolia

Next jam is confirmed for Tuesday. 1/24/06.

It was a night that MB was supposed to join us for a night a freaky twirling and spinning to the grooves of Deadstein.  There is nothing like seeing Michael spin, bob and weave to our music that get us going.  Unfortunately, due to weather circumstances beyond our control, some mud slides in northern California actually impacted Deadstein, he was not able to attend.  Not to fret because we did have another Michael come as our guest.  Michael Carpetsteen joined us and came with a suitcase of equipment to help him cut through the mix as he was singing.  This included his own personal monitor, mixing board and headset microphone and wireless transmitter.  For the most part it caused a bunch of feedback at the beginning of the night.  Then when it came time to sing his own song, his batteries to his wireless system gave out in the middle of the El Paso.  Irony that you expect  After the song Michael commented that he couldn't believe it messed up on him for which I rebutted , "I can believe it."

Nevertheless, after he changed his batteries, his whole system seemed to work a lot better.  There were several times during the night that we were discussing what song to play and before we new it a blues song started coming out of Trister's guitar and we played through them.  This gave just enough mystery to the song so not to confuse Kevin on the 3-chord blues patterns that he has so much trouble with.  And they were good.  This refers to both let it Rock and Think.  

For dinner Michael and I stopped at Daisy Mae's and I had the chunk brisket and Michael had the pulled pork.  I brought in a couple of sweet teas which helped Kevin wash down his typical cheese steak which was not going down as easily as usual.

Till next Tuesday.

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Date: 01 Feb 2006
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Larry, you made me laugh the day I read this post. I, as a casual reader of Deadstein escapades, and a casual musician, back in the day, had Michael Carpetstein sit in with our little acoustic trio twice upon a time. He showed up with more equipment then I did for the three of us! And from your description it was a lot of the same stuff, save the wireless rig. But that may have stayed put in the suitcase.

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