William Weiss Interiors Studio


A good night with the Java King and I'm talking the real Java.

First Set

  • Sugaree
  • El Paso
  • Loser
  • Walkin' Blues
  • Althea
  • Black Throated Wind


  • Casey Jones
  • Same Thing
  • Cumberland Blues
  • Lazy River Road
  • Terrapin Station->
  • Standing on The Moon
  • Not Fade Away
  • Coffee Boy Mitch proudly sits in on the giant bass drum for Larry M. It's big and bright due to the great Deadstein light show.
  • No guests whatsoever showed up.
  • Johnny's SM58 was very unclutch in that it didn't work at all. Good thing he has his receipts and stuff because it shouldn't break yet. It's only 3 weeks old. God knows, Dennis' SM58's must have been 25 years old. I felt bad for him.
  • Kevin, never one to miss a jam lightly, toughed it out one day after getting out of back surgery.. Due to the surgery, he played sitting down all night.
  • Larry Brent had the "Rent-a-Wreck" brown van that didn't look like it was going to make it down the road after the jam yet alone to Kevin's for a short bivwack prior to picking up some furniture.
  • Johnny seemed pretty sleepy and a bit bummed throughout the night. I suspect, in My Dr. Joy Brown sort of way, it is over dissatisfaction with the weakness of the PA coupled with the mic failure. He was able to use my mic, but it didn't work either due to great shortage of gain.
  • It felt good that I was able to go bookless almost the whole night.
First Set Comments:
  • Sugaree was nice and quiet, under control and probably not all that hot and powerful. That is not to say it wasn't good. It's may have been just a little boring.
  • El Paso moved and didn't seemed forced. I tried to play more Jerry notes that usually and in the process found that I had no problem getting up on the back of the song and ride and play away in the da-a-a-a-r-r-r-k between the notes and the chords. For that reason it was fun. We had a great ending to it.
  • Loser was very well played. The song was flawless and in the words of Emril Lagosse, we stepped it up a notch for the lead, exhibited great power and capped the lead off with a together "Last Fare Deal."
  • Walking Blues had a groove, I had a pretty cool lead and tried the true fadeout at the end by Larry B. would have no part of it.
  • Althea was good, it was strong during the leads and sensitive during the verses. It ended abruptly and in a most interesting fashion.
  • Black Throated Wind had the great jam at the end of it but I couldn't hear myself sing. I know it's the way you all want it but, eh, give me a break. It's hard enough.
Eating Comments:
  • The Stardust Dine-O-Mat shall be "Dinner-Non-Gratta" or "Dine-No-More" because that place has broken the golden rule. You can't suck 2 times in a row.
  • I pulled the order off, they didn't miss a thing and we had it set up for a 9:00 p.m. delivery. It was there exactly on time and did enable us to play a nice full second set.Be Warned, This place is no good.  Stardust Dine-O-Mat - Click to See the Menu
  • The place was a tease in the worse way. The first meal from August 6, 1997 was so spectacular and to sink to the lows experienced this night was surprising. Johnny, knew the deal because when I first suggested we were going to go there he seemed shocked and dismayed. In the end, he only got mashed potatoes and gravy. I assume those were okay.
  • I attempted, for the last time, the match the BLT of lore but it was not to be. As a matter of fact, this sandwich looked at you in the eye and said "Sap!" It was disturbing.
  • That was almost acceptable because I went for the meatloaf as a backup. After all, any dinner worth it's name in neon serves an adequate meatloaf. You take the cardboard top off the round aluminum serving disk and you are faced with a chunk of dried, spicy meat-byproduct that was actually branded. The worst part about it was it also called you a "Sap!"French Fries
  • The fries were soggy.
  • The shredded vegetables were flavorless.
  • The pickled were garlicless and tasted like soap.
  • The garlic bread had the texture of yuck.
  • Hamburger, the perfect food.On the good side, everyone said their burgers were great. Even the burgers were mocking me.
  • We had no dessert. A fitting goodbye to a great disappointment.
  • I brought in several cases of coke and a cooler of ice. I think we all drank too much Coke.
  • If someone happens to remember a corkscrew, there is a bottle of wine down there.
Second Set Comments:
  • The first few songs of the first set were calm and peaceful but we were nice a roudy by the second set.
  • Casey Jones was ordinary but well done.
  • The Same Thing was powerful. I was very loud on it, and loving it.
  • Cumberland really moved, had several grooves and never really flubbed whatsoever.
  • The Lazy River Road was mapped on the marker board almost completely and was sweet.
  • A Taster's Choice was the Terrapin Station. The so called "Maritime Jam" was our coolest ever. Not the sweetest but the most complex.
  • Standing on the Moon was very hot, well done and Larry even took a little liberty on an extended jam toward the end of the song. A minor explosion before the eruption.
  • Not Fade was a nice closer, prepapring me for a nice ride home. A Good night over all.
  • CloudsIt was beautiful as usual in the room.