Carroll's 55th Street


We go to heaven on bloody tracks without a piano.

This week in the holiday season, Rich was the odd man out as he couldn't make the jam. For some reason the beginning of the night ended up having a Go To Heaven Feel to it. The Getaway was a traditional opener, but the Sailor Saint follow-up seemed early, but it paid dividends as it was good. We had the solid tempo and we executed it well.

We dipped into a little traditional first set material then did a bit of Dylan. Lee like the Blood on the Tracks feel to the middle of the night. For some reason we did a Deadstein first with the Meet Me in the Morning. Since we don't have any idea about what to do with that song and we just winged it, the song ended up being a lot of fun. Not a lot of beef and not a lot of quantity but it was some fun stuff and the capabilities of the multi-track recording always enable the music to shine the best that it can. Freak Out.