Carroll's 55th Street


A quartet of Deadstein is at the heart of it all.

This week in Deadstein found us playing as a rare quartet with us missing Alan and Scott. It was a tough night to get going and nothing seemed to flow too well. It all started with terrible traffic for me getting into the city. This meant I wasn't in the studio until almost 8pm. With my close to an hour setup time to do my multi-track recording, it meant that it was going to be an abbreviated night. In some respects, the night was figuratively unlimited as none of us were scheduled to work in the morning. That must have been a Deadstein first. On the other hand, the unlimited was literally not and we had to start all over for the first time since developing the theory.

For as much trouble as it felt to play the music at times, the recordings sound pretty good until we get to the end of the night and begin to play outside of our true element. As much as we wanted to play unlimited, the reality of reality shined its ugly countenance upon us and we cried uncle after only playing a mop-top past a baker's dozen.

Since we weren't recording a second drummer or a second guitar, I used the extra microphones on Lee's kit and Rich's piano. I really like what it did to the piano having an SM57 underneath the piano mixed in with the PZM. The piano on the week's tape sounds as realistic and "rich" as ever, pardon the pun, but it really was. Freak Out